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In Mexico and much of the world, Eugenio Derbez he became famous for his film work both in front of and behind the screen. However, his sister Sylvia Eugenia, is rather the one who does not enjoy that popularity. Therefore, below we will learn a little more about his life and relationship with the figure of “The P. Luche family.”

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Sylvia Eugenia González Derbez She is the only sister the Mexican actor and producer has. Both are children of actress Silvia Derbez, who died in April 2002.

Eugenio Derbez, who is recognized in the Hollywood universe for his Spanish dubbing in the “Shrek” movies, giving life to the voice of the Donkey, has preferred not to speak much of his sister throughout his career. Or at least, there is no comprehensive record of any manifestation about it.

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Although we have seen Eugenio Derbez in an endless number of national and international productions, as in “No refunds”We observe that in none of these the Mexican artist has summoned his sister. Nor do we see any rapprochement on their social networks, as if it happens, for example, with their children or friends.

So far, there is no official knowledge from the environment of the Derbez brothers about a possible fight that justifies both of them leading their lives separately as if they were two strangers.

Laura Vignatti, Carmen Salinas, Silvia Eugenia Derbez, Betty Monroe, Juan Osorio and Julián Gil, in a picture taken during the 14th anniversary of Silvia Derbez (Photo: Televisa)

We mentioned the above because Sylvia Eugenia Derbez is also an actress, in addition to training professionally as a stage creator, performer, producer and facilitator of Mindfulness practices – Mexican Plenary Care.

Sylvia has studied dramatic art in Mexico City, has a continuous training in the Dojo method: The seven laws of transformation, in Mexican ritual Butoh dance and in the Linklater method oriented to the use of the free and natural voice. He also has studies in Piscology, which he carried out in the United States.

Sylvia Eugenia González Derbez is the only sister the Mexican actor and producer has (Photo: Televisa)
Sylvia Eugenia González Derbez is the only sister the Mexican actor and producer has (Photo: Televisa)

Proving that it has great power of creation and execution, it managed to enter markets such as Canada, Brazil (Sao Paulo), Mexico and Spain. She has had some participation in some television series and plays.

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Aislinn Derbez He is 34 years old and is the result of the relationship that Eugenio had with Gabriela Michel. She has followed in the footsteps of her famous father in the acting world and has also earned a name in modeling for her talent and beauty. His full name is Aislinn González Michel.


Vadhir He is 30 years old and has also wanted to make a mark in acting like his father has done. His mother is Silvana Torres Prince, who was in a relationship with the comedian in 1990.


Although he calls himself and is called as Jose Eduardo Derbez, actually his name is José Eduardo Eugenio González Martínez del Río. This is the third son of the actor, who was born from the love that his father had with Victoria Ruffo, the considered “Queen of soap operas.” He has also dedicated himself to the world of acting at the age of 29.


She is the youngest of the Derbez. His mother is Alessandra Rosaldo, Eugenio’s current partner, whose name is actually Alejandra Sánchez Barrero. The minor was born in the United States, so it is suspected that she has a single surname, González, although all the followers know her as Aitana derbez, of course.


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Eugenio Derbez: who is Sylvia Eugenia, the little-known sister of the Mexican actor | Celebs | FAME