Atlanta and Gallo, 7 wonders. Phoenix never stops: 15 wins in a row

The Grizzlies also lose Morant (knee). The Bulls win in Orlando

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The Grizzlies, who are knocked out against Danilo Gallinari’s Hawks, have to deal with Ja Morant’s injury that won’t let Memphis fans sleep peacefully. Phoenix continues its march and takes its 15th consecutive success at Madison Square Garden as the Bulls move to Orlando.

Memphis-Grizzlies-Atlanta Hawks 100-132

Bad news for the Grizzlies (9-10) who immediately lose their star Ja Morant and are paved by the Hawks (11-9). Morant goes out in the first quarter with a left knee problem that makes Memphis fans hold their breath. Only the instrumental tests, scheduled for Saturday, will be able to clarify the extent of the injury of a player who had started the season really well. Danilo Gallinari signs nine points in 21 ‘, Capela, on the other hand, makes the big voice under the basket and closes with 23 points and 17 rebounds. 31 points and 10 assists, however, for Young.

Memphis:Konchar 17 (4/5, 3/3), Jackson Jr. 14, Brooks 12. Rimbalzi: Konchar, Clarke, Jackson Jr., Brooks 5.

Atlanta:GALLINARI 9 (1/3, 2/3, 1/1 tl), with 2 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 recovery in 21 ‘. Young 31 (9/12, 3/4, 4/5 tl), Capela 23, Collins 21. Rebounds: Capela 17. Assist: Young 10.

Orlando Magic-Chicago Bulls 88-123

Vucevic’s special evening, who returns to Orlando as an opponent after nine seasons with the Magic jersey (4-16), soon turns into a one-way match. Orlando immediately loses contact with the visiting team and is dominated far and wide. The Bulls (13-7) run away at the beginning of this second, scoring the first 16 points of the fraction and never look back. Vucevic closes with 16 points and eight rebounds, 23 points for DeRozan and 21 for LaVine.

Orlando: Carter Jr. 26 (6/9, 2/6, 8/10 tl), Wagner 15, Suggs 14. Rimbalzi: Carter Jr. 10. Assist: Wagner, Harris 4.

Chicago:DeRozan 23 (4/13, 3/3, 6/6 tl), LaVine 21, White 20. Rimbalzi: Green, Vucevic 8. Assist: Ball 6.

New York Knicks-Phoenix Suns 97-118

The hottest team in the League continues its triumphal march. The Suns (16-3), in fact, do not slow down even at Madison Square Garden, they manage the Knicks practice (10-9) without too many worries and thus conquer their 15th consecutive success. Unmarkable Devin Booker who does what he wants and with a disarming ease produces 32 points, Ayton also does well, who seals the painted area and in the end puts 14 points and 13 rebounds on the scoresheet. Stecca, on the other hand, Randle who in the end closes with nine points and four turnover.

New York:Walker 17 (2/5, 3/6, 4/4 tl), Quickly 16, Fournier 11. Rimbalzi: Robinson 8. Assist: Quickly, Randle 4.

Phoenix: Booker 32 (10/18, 4/9), Paul, Ayton 14. Rebounds: Ayton 13. Assists: Paul 10.

Charlotte Hornets-Minnesota Timberwolves 133-115

The streak of five consecutive wins comes to an end for the Timberwolves (9-10) who have to deal with an absolutely devastating Oubre Jr. The former Warriors plays great and from the bench produces 27 points in 27 ‘on the parquet. The Hornets (13-8), who thus conquer their eighth success in the last nine races, become devastating from long distance shooting with a surreal 23/40.

Charlotte:Oubre Jr. 27 (3/4, 7/13), Hayward, Bridges 18. Rimbalzi: Bridges 7. Assist: Ball 13.

Minnesota: Towns 25 (8/15, 1/3, 6/7 tl), Russell, Beasley 18. Rimbalzi: Vanderbilt 8. Assist: Towns 6.

Indiana Pacers-Toronto Raptors 114-97

A good start to the race is not enough for the reworked Raptors (9-11) to put Indiana in difficulty. The Pacers (9-12), led by an All-Star version Sabonis who scores 23 points and 18 rebounds, accelerate in the second quarter, take over the reins of the match and then leave only the crumbs to the Canadian team.

Indiana: Sabonis 23 (7/12, 1/3, 6/7 tl), LeVert 19, Turner 17. Rimbalzi: Sabonis 18. Assist: Brogdon 12.

Toronto: VanVleet 26 (6/11, 4/10, 2/3 tl), Barnes, Siakam 17. Rebounds: Siakam 12. Assists: Siakam, Barnes, VanVleet 4.

Oklahoma City-Washington Wizards 99-101

The Thunder (6-13) make Washington sweat (12-7) but in the end they have to give up. The team from the Capital, fresh from four defeats in the last five races after the splendid start to the season, goes to AC but with the production of Beal and Caldwell-Pope it does enough to keep Okc behind. The Thunder are back in the slipstream and at the end they have the opportunity to trip Washington but Gilgeous-Alexander’s triple dies on the iron.

Oklahoma City:Dort 21 (5/8, 2/6, 5/5 tl), Gilgeous-Alexander 15, Giddey, Williams 11. Rimbalzi: Gilgeous-Alexander 8. Assist: Gilgeous-Alexander 9.

Washington:Caldwell-Pope 20 (4/6, 4/7), Beal 20 (6/11, 2/7, 2/2 tl), Harrell 14. Rimbalzi: Kuzma 10. Assist: Beal 6.

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Atlanta and Gallo, 7 wonders. Phoenix never stops: 15 wins in a row