Durant the arm, Harden the mind: perfect Brooklyn in Chicago

The Nets at the United Center take the best win of their season, driven by the points of KD and the assists of Barba. Bulls overwhelmed in the second half. Coach Donovan: “We have to learn from games like this”

Finally the real Brooklyn. Irresistible, exceptional in attack with Steve Nash’s Big Three dragging his teammates, regardless of who they are. The Nets hit their best win of the season at the United Center, a 138-112 which, in addition to showing the true potential of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving, represents Brooklyn’s first win of the season against one of the best 8 teams of the season. Association. The Bulls, team with the best record in the East so far (27-12 after this knockout), sinks sensationally in the second half, extinguishing like a candle at the end of its run, swept by the terrible Brooklyn wind.


Brooklyn is a delight. Durant, whom Nash spares the last quarter after the game, scores 17 of his 27 points in the third period when he tears Chicago to pieces. Harden seems more and more the phenomenon that won the mvp that has not yet managed to be this year: he closes with 25 points and 16 assists, managing the team in a spectacular way. The understanding with Kyrie (empty pass in his third race of the season, 9 points with 4/10 shooting) is yet to be built, but Durant and Harden were the locomotive that transformed the Nets into a moving train. “We played with purpose, with a lot of commitment and determination, and we defended – said coach Nash -. We put a lot of energy into it, I think Chicago felt it too. If we play with this spirit, positive things can only happen to us ”. Nash has even guessed the choice of starting in the quintet with the Big Three the rookie Kessler Edwards and Day’Ron Sharpe (the best with 20 points and 7 rebounds): both have given that energy other times missed in Brooklyn. Patty Mills also did well (21 points with 6/8 of three), to whom she returned freedom starting from the bench. This Chicago must be a turning point for Brooklyn, becoming a sort of instruction manual for how to play against the top teams. “We played as a team and we won, but no message for the rest of the league – says Durant -: it all depends on us. But it’s nice to win a match like this, against an opponent like this “. Nash still has a lot of work to do, but victories like these are invaluable milestones in finding the right path.


Chicago is a mess. He had never conceded 138 points so far, he had never succumbed so badly in such an important game. “A lot of things didn’t work out in this match, not just the defense – explains coach Donovan -. From experiences like this, however, we must learn to become a better team: that must be our goal “. Bad evening since the two-ball, with the injury to Derrick Jones Jr which risks being serious and taking another bit of depth from Donovan. To save there is only the first half, then it was the disaster. “We worked hard to get to the ranking position we are in, but responsibility comes from that position – continues the Bulls coach -: we must understand that we cannot make mistakes, that everyone is playing at their best against us now and that they are wrong against us. teams like Brooklyn are paid. Despite all the work we have done, we must not forget that we have to earn everything, the victories and the right to play the playoffs. And that only through experience can we grow ”. Donovan’s gang, however, shouldn’t think too much about this knockout: sure, it was a resounding collapse, but it’s just the second defeat in the last 12 games for a team that has so far gone far beyond expectations. The real Bulls aren’t the ones wrecked against Brooklyn, but they need to quickly figure out what went wrong to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Already from Friday’s challenge with Golden State.


Harden and Durant are concerned to put their teammates in rhythm and Brooklyn closes the first quarter ahead 38-31, but with DeRozan (15 points to rest) and LaVine (17), Chicago remains in contact and goes into the locker room under 62-60. Vucevic at 8’46 ”from the third siren makes 71-71, then it’s just Brooklyn: Durant rages with 17 points in the period, the defense levels up and Chicago sinks. The Nets start the last quarter ahead 101-79 and knock out the Bulls with the first points of the period.

Chicago: LaVine 22 (6/9 of twos, 2/4 of three, 4/4 free throws), DeRozan 19, White 16. Rebounds: Ball 7. Assist: Ball 7.

Brooklyn: Durant 27 (4/6, 3/4, 10/11 tl), Harden 25, Mills 21. Rimbalzi: Sharpe 7, Harden 7. Assist: Harden 16.

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Durant the arm, Harden the mind: perfect Brooklyn in Chicago