June 12, 2021

A new restaurant in Clermont-Ferrand to discover Chinese pastry

Sweet Chinese pastry? Not too used to it. Apart from lychees, dragon beards or moon cakes. At the end of the meal. Vaguely more hungry. This is a habit that will change. Even if you can eat salty in Le jardin de Xu, the house specialty, it is the sweet Chinese pastries, from Shanghai or Hong Kong more precisely, that will make you push the door of this new establishment, opened in February. , in downtown Clermont-Ferrand.

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The place

A crush from Xu Hang. She came to join her husband three years ago. She was pregnant. “I had this project in mind to open a tea room. I am passionate about pastry and my husband is in the restaurant business. I saw this empty room in front of the cinema. It had been closed for a long time. I said to myself if he is still free when I gave birth, he is for me ”.

He was free. She did the work. A magnificent fresco, wooden floors, a small kitchen, a floor. For about twenty place settings. This is little. But it is sufficient. She does all the home baking.

Le boss

Xu Hang, 33, banker. Her husband, who had lived in France for twelve years, did not want to return, she joined him. “I’m not French, I don’t speak the language,” she explains in hesitant French with an accent but quite correct, proof that in three years, the young woman has left nothing to chance.

She is passionate about pastry. She starts. Train at home. And returned to Shanghai to train with the great Chinese pastry chefs.

The mind

Cozy. Tea or coffee room, “as they say in China”. For a moment of relaxation. Tasting. The idea is really to discover, “we want to differentiate ourselves, to offer dishes that are not available elsewhere”.

In fast food for the savory at noon, a different dish each day (chicken peanuts the day of our visit) and savory pastries, stuffed breads and steamed ravioli. Or quieter in the afternoon in tearoom mode.

The plates

For our visit, we focused on curiosity: sweet pastries. A la carte, a natural flan delight with red beans, mango or matcha. Soups, from sago to grapefruit, to Guangdong jelly to coconut milk or tapioca to coconut milk. And the pancakes: mango, durian, matcha or cocoa rolls. Or presented in a millefeuille with mango or matcha. It is a huge spreaded crepe (two hours of preparation anyway) which is then folded and folded to be gathered into a cake or a volcano!

This gives a very light pastry. Served very fresh. And very little sweet. This is also a fairly general observation. Everything we tasted is fine and not very sweet. Hong Kong pastries are also to be discovered: coconut emulsions and a ball of sticky black rice… And ice cream.

What are we drinking?

Tea. Jasmine, chrysanthemum, rose… Also in a fresh version: grapefruit, peach ,. To test a chese green tea or a buble tea. Or coffee. Chinese style. Be careful, it’s a closer to coffee herbal tea but delicious.


At noon, € 11.90 for the menu with drink or coffee. For pastries, around € 6 to € 7 per portion. € 5 for a tea.


From 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Friday, 10 p.m. on Saturday.

Le jardin de Xu, 7 Rue Barrière-de-Jaude, in front of the Paris cinema

Cecile Bergougnoux

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