June 12, 2021

Lidl is getting stronger and stronger, is launching this essential item for sunny days at a gift price!

The hard discount brand Lidl is attracting more and more French people. Indeed, the German brand has slowly but surely nibbled the market share of its competitors. 6.2% market share for Lidl is still far from 20% of Leclerc, historical leader, but it is enough to upset the consumption habits of the French. And for that, Lidl has more than one trick up its sleeve.

And from May 13, Lidl will offer a barbecue pizza oven on its shelves for only 49.99 euros. For 22.99 euros more, the store sells a really useful set of utensils including: a 3 in 1 brush, to remove grease, a pizza peel, gas lighter kit. We love !

The new darling of French consumers.

Since the start of the school year, the German hard discount brand has been doing very well. The brand indeed offers flash sales on a quantity of products as varied as each other. And what appeals above all customers are the ultra-attractive prices for a quality that is rarely disappointing. If Lidl is now part of our daily life, several facts will surely surprise you about it!

Food, decoration, household appliances, shoes and even perfumes worthy of the biggest luxury brands: you really find it all at Lidl. If this brand is acclaimed by more and more consumers, few are those who really know the brand. Take the test and you will be surprised!

Are you pronouncing the name “Lidl” correctly? This hard-discount brand was born in Germany. So inevitably, the pronunciation of Lidl is done “in German”. Do you know how to pronounce Lidl? For many French people, Lidl is called “Lid-eul”. However, this pronunciation is not good. Yep, you have to say “Lee-dul”. You will have been warned! It might sound a little weird at first, but it’s a trick to take.

Lidl’s big boss is full of aces

The man who runs Lidl is called Dieter Schwarz. It was not he who created Lidl but his father, Josef Schwarz. Dieter took over when his father died in 1977. And today, he ranks among the greatest fortunes in the world! It must be said that it is thanks to him that the company has become a hard discount food store. This new concept pulverized him in the 23rd place of the richest personalities in the world. He is now 80 years old and his assets now reach 30 billion dollars.

Source: Lidl France

Lidl was not originally a supermarket. The Lidl brand began in 1930. And at that time, it was not a supermarket at all. Because Lidl only offered food. No household appliances, paper towels or sponges were on the shelves. It wasn’t until 1973 that Lidl started selling a few more products. And like that, today, we find both designer floor lamps for less than 40 euros as AirPods for 20 euros!

Technically, Lidl is not a “supermarket”. If you compare the brand to other supermarkets, you’ll quickly find that Lidl feels a lot cramped. The stores were built so that customers can complete the grocery shopping chore in just 20 minutes. Not a bad concept!

And above all, it helps to lower rental prices. But things are changing: while most stores were located on the outskirts of cities, more and more are now opening in the city center. A new strategy to win over a larger clientele.

Lidl: How do they manage to offer such low prices?

It is very simple ! Unlike other supermarkets, the range of products is very narrow. The company favors its own products. Less inventory to sell, so there is less loss in the end on sales. And then, the principle of discount is also to employ fewer people. That’s why the shelves are just piles of pallets next to each other. No need for shelving.