June 16, 2021

Principe Baldini wins an Award at the “Sailor of the Year 2021” ceremony in Italy

In the running among 100 players in the world of transalpine sailing, Principe Baldini has succeeded in leaving with one of the 8 Awards at stake during the “Sailor of the Year 2021” ceremony in Italy.

Winner Saturday April 24 of the Oscar Tag Heuer for Performance at the “Sailor in the Year 2021” ceremony in Italy, Prince Baldini made a big blow!

The sparkling organizer of the “Prince of Speed” at Le Rouet, has indeed topped over 90 big names in transalpine sailing, to win one of the eight awards of this “Il Velista dell’anno 2021” competition. of particular significance this year, as it celebrated the 30th anniversary of the famous magazine “Il Giornale della Vela”.

Sort of the Oscars of Italian sailing, the competition “Il Velista dell’anno 2021” has thus put in competition, in recent weeks, the 100 biggest names related to sailing in the last thirty years. Among the nominees were riders who competed in the Olympics, the duo Francesco Bruni and Max Sirena (pilot and skipper of Luna Rossa), sailing designers such as Mario Caponnetto (Oracle Sail) or Patrizio Bertelli (owner of Luna Rossa).

It’s historic for windsurfing, it could open a lot of doors! The organizers told me that they gave me this award because I dedicated my life to speed, and for my communication skills and my great passion for speed. I am proud to have helped pass on the passion for speed to the big boats of the America ‘Cup. It’s a great personal satisfaction, I never dreamed of receiving such an award one day“, reacted Prince Baldini.

Remember that the Prince of Speed ​​2021 will take place in two stages, Plage du Rouet (Occitanie):

– World record attempt on the Nautical Mile, from May 30 to June 30, 2021

– World Speed ​​Tour (500m race), in September 2021