July 31, 2021

Air New Zealand and Air France cargo planes in Tahiti-Faa’a

“After a year of absence! The Koru is back on the Tahiti runway for an exceptional cargo flight… So Excited and So impatient!”, We can read on Facebook. Air France is not left out because it is it which delivers thousands of doses of anti-covid vaccine by cargo flight.

The Air New Zealand B 787 baptized Koru will exceptionally land on the runway this afternoon at 3 p.m. It is a cargo flight, therefore without passengers except the crew, whose holds are full of freight, blocked for some time in New Zealand.

Since last year, New Zealand has closed its air links with the rest of the world due to the covid-19 pandemic. Apart from Australia and the Cook Islands which benefit from an air corridor with the land of the Hobbits, fern planes are rare in foreign skies.

This afternoon, seeing the Air New Zealand Koru aircraft land will be exceptional given the context.

Air France and vaccines

Another major event, Air France reports that it is she who is responsible for the freight of thousands of doses of vaccine against covid-19 from Paris to Tahiti. So far, 6 lots have been delivered to Polynesia.

In the hold, thousands of doses of anti-covid vaccine.

© Air France

To do this, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, the Group’s branch dedicated to freight, uses cargo planes with containers specially designed to transport vaccines between -20 ° C or even -80 ° C for some. Since the end of January 2021, the Air France cargo team in Tahiti has received several thousand doses of vaccine against covid-19 intended for the population.

Air France cargo flights

Containers specially designed for transporting vaccines at polar temperatures.

© Air France