July 24, 2021

Did you know ? The little-known stories of entrepreneurs

They are famous and never cease to amaze us but knowing how these personalities arrived on the podium will perhaps give you ideas to start or continue your adventure.

Frédéric Mazzella, the brilliant founder of BlaBlaCar

He got his idea from a simple observation: that of his own need. Deciding to spend his Christmas holidays with his family in 2003, he could not take the trains which were full. As his sister takes him to Rouen, he realizes that most of the vehicles are empty and that he could have gone home if a carpooling service existed.

Steve Job had genius but inspired

Steve Jobs as innovative as he is controversial

If we often perceive the entrepreneur ofApple as a forerunner and that he could see the future, we must not forget that he considered Jonathan Ive as his “spiritual partner” according to Laurene Powell Jobs. The boss of Apple design often exchanged with Steve Job and inspired him to the point that he regretted seeing this first to appropriate his ideas.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg admired Steve Jobs whom he considered a mentor. But this admiration was reciprocal and in particular because the latter respected this one for the fact of not having resold the social network. A mutual respect where each seemed to bring something to each other.

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, is known for his failures before he achieved success

Jack Ma the Asian e-commerce star

What we know less about him is that he is a fan of Forrest Gump which remains one of his greatest sources of inspiration and this for the reason of his success: his determination. As Jack Ka said in an interview

« When I see him, I tell myself that he should be a real role model. Believe in what you do, and do it with passion ”.

Xavier Niel

He revolutionized the telecoms sector thanks to the invention of the box, of “triple play” with a low cost model and has invested heavily in all sectors, but in reality he is only passionate about telecoms. Its only offices are also at the headquarters of the operator of d’Illiad, parent company of the operator Free.

Isabel Marant which today represents the “french touch”, began his career at 22 years old

After more than 20 years and boutiques all over the world, the stylist and entrepreneur sees fashion as an “art form and therapy” even if it is anti-consumerist and is against buying too much.

Jeff Bezos had installed a bell which rang in the garage where the adventure began from amazon in 1995

This did so with each order placed on the site. He checked each time that the buyer was unknown, but this system quickly became unliveable with the increase in orders. Result: it was disconnected after a few weeks, we can imagine why.

Charlotte de Vilmorin, Co-founder, Wheeliz

Leem on Twitter: "Charlotte de Vilmorin, winner of #ParolesdePatients, among the 7 women of the year 2015 https://t.co/XcpCirxjcx https://t.co/1fXZsHa5v9"

Quadriplegic by birth, Charlotte de Vilmorin started out as a blogger, sharing stories from her wheelchair life on her Wheelcome blog. Since 2015, she has managed Wheeliz, a site that rents cars adapted to people with disabilities between individuals and currently has more than 10,000 users. “ I had a click the day I had to give up going to a friend’s wedding, being unable to move from the station to the place of the ceremony ”.

Céline Lazorthes, Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of France Digitale, France FinTech and SISTA, the founder of Leetchi

French leader of the online jackpot, is an entrepreneur who has defied obstacles. His company, Leetchi.com, created in 2009, has redefined the world of online payment. Céline Lazorthes is very committed to the cause of women entrepreneurs. She often mentions the difficult launch of Leetchi.com. “I cried twice, the first when the site was launched, the second when I realized I didn’t have any customers.” but is now proving to be a real source of inspiration for women entrepreneurs.