August 2, 2021

Elon Musk earned $ 88 billion in 2020 and becomes third-largest fortune in the world

The assets of the founder of Tesla jumped by nearly 12 billion dollars with the surge in the price of the car company following the share split. In one year, Elon Musk has multiplied his fortune by more than five.

Elon Musk, his foot on the accelerator. The founder of Tesla continues to progress in the ranking of the greatest fortunes on the planet. And this Monday, August 31, its assets made a spectacular jump of 11.7 billion dollars according to Bloomberg Billionaires. A performance linked to the split of the Tesla share and on which investors rushed, pushing it up 12.6% in a single session.

Now at the head of a fortune estimated at 115 billion dollars, Elon Musk is the third fortune on the planet. Still left behind by Jeff Bezos and his 202 billion dollars, but no longer very far from Bill Gates who is at 125 billion.

On the other hand, he doubled this Monday Marck Zuckerberg (111 billion dollars) and left far in his rearview mirror Bernard Arnault (85.7 billion) and Warren Buffett (82.5 billion).

Musk, an investment that pays 400%

And Musk’s breakthrough is phenomenal on this chart. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX has seen his wealth swell by $ 87.8 billion since the start of the year, the largest increase in 2020, just ahead of Jeff Bezos and his 87.6 billion earnings .

In one year, Elon Musk’s fortune has grown more than five-fold, from $ 22 billion to $ 115 billion. An unprecedented performace. Few investments bring in 400% per year …

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But the Tesla share does. The market price of the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cars ignites investors. The mobility start-up has succeeded in transforming itself into an industrialist. After the economic crisis, experts believe that the recovery will be based on new foundations in environmental matters with the electric car spearheading. Despite the confinement, the number of Tesla delivered reached a record 36,800 vehicles last June.