July 24, 2021

Football – Bamford: “Harvard was just a spare tire”


The Leeds striker, at the gates of the England team, speaks three languages ​​perfectly. Before turning professional, he first said no to the prestigious American University of Harvard.

Patrick Bamford, between Ozan Kabak and Fabinho, did not score Monday night in Leeds’ draw against Liverpool (1-1).

Pool via REUTERS

Returning to the Premier League after 16 years, Leeds currently sit 10th in the table with 46 points and do as well as Arsenal. Coach Marcelo Bielsa is obviously one of the essential cogs in this success, as are his players Dallas, Raphina and Harrisson. But the undisputed star of the Peacocks is called Patrick Bamford. The striker is the team’s top scorer with 14 successes, but also the best passer with 7 assists.

His stats speak for themselves, but the 27-year-old took a long time to explode onto the English football scene. Between 2012 and 2018, his Chelsea club loaned him to six different clubs!

He plays piano, violin and saxophone

But the greatest particularity of Patrick Bamford lies elsewhere. Before turning professional football, the one who is now on the doorstep of the England national team, said no at Harvard University. Because the center-forward is a strong head. At 16, he was fluent in three foreign languages: French, German and Spanish.

When he was younger, he had also learned the violin, the piano and the saxophone. And as his school career was brilliant, he aroused the interest of the prestigious American college. The university offered him a scholarship to study finance while continuing to play football.

“As soon as I knew I had a chance to realize my dream of turning pro, Harvard was just a spare tire”

Patrick Bamford

But the player trained at the Nottingham Forest Academy at the age of 7 refused this proposal. “My ambition has always been to play football. As soon as I knew I had a chance to realize my dream of turning pro, Harvard was just a spare tire, ”the Englishman told the newspaper. Daily Mail.

When playing at Middlesbrough in the 2014-2015 season, Bamford was interviewed by the Guardian, the journalist stunned by his intelligence had asked him what he had as a bedside book. A book on the analysis of international financial markets, the young man had replied, who this same season had let himself go to the piano in front of his teammates by performing Bach’s Prelude…

This very specialized education comes to him from his family. The Leeds player comes from a very wealthy background. For example, he is related to one of the UK’s biggest fortunes, Sir Anthony Bamford, CEO of construction company JCB.