July 27, 2021

Forbes Ranking 2020: The 10 Richest Women In The World

This year, 234 women are on the list and a familiar face returns, that of the richest woman in the world.

With turbulent markets and even more tumultuous times, just over half of the 234 women on the new list Forbes of the world’s billionaires have less wealth overall than last year. Alice Walton, however, has reversed this trend. Heir to part of Walmart’s fortune, she is the richest woman in the world this year, down from the second richest last year. His fortune is estimated at 54.4 billion dollars, 10 billion more than a year ago. She trades her place with L’Oréal heiress, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, who is the second richest woman on the 2020 ranking. Forbes used stock prices and exchange rates from March 18, 2020 to calculate net worth.

Among the women at the top of the rankings, BMW heiress Susanne Klatten has achieved one of the biggest net worth hits amid the stock market slump caused by the coronavirus. BMW shares have fallen by more than a third since January, helping to push Susanne Klatten’s net worth to $ 16.8 billion, down $ 4 billion from a year ago. In the United States, the fortune of Las Vegas billionaire Elaine Wynn has shrunk by 33% from a year ago, as shares of Wynn Resorts have fallen dramatically in recent months. But others, like Zhong Huijuan, president of Chinese drug maker Hansoh Pharmaceutical, have much higher fortunes than a year ago. In June 2019, Hansoh raised $ 1 billion when it went public in Hong Kong and shares have risen more than 25% since then. Zhong Huijuan’s fortune is worth $ 14.6 billion.

This year, 234 women are on the list, up from 244 last year. As a group, the fortunes of all the women on the list are worth $ 927.4 billion. Despite recent economic instability, they are collectively $ 29.4 billion richer than last year. Seven other women share their fortunes this year with their husbands, children or siblings, up from nine last year.

Nineteen women are new to the list. Among the news, the richest is Julia Koch, who inherited her fortune from her husband David Koch after his death in August 2019. Another remarkable newcomer: MacKenzie Bezos, who inherited her fortune after having finalized her divorce from the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, last summer.

Neerja Sethi, who with her husband Bharat Desai co-founded IT consulting and outsourcing company Syntel, is also new to the list. Neerja Sethi is one of 67 self-taught women who made it to this year’s list, which is a slight drop from the 68 self-taught women last year. She is joined by Qian Ying, who with her husband Qin Yinglin co-founded the Shenzhen Listed Company Muyuan Foods. The shares of Muyuan Foods, a pig breeder and processor, nearly tripled over the past year, bringing his net worth to $ 1.4 billion.

Here are the 10 richest women in the world; their net worth is as of March 18, 2020.


Net worth: $ 54.4 billion

Pays : United States

Source of wealth : Walmart

Source : Getty Images

The only daughter of the founder of Walmart, Sam Walton, this year recovers her title of the richest woman in the world, after losing this place to the heiress of L’Oréal, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, in 2019. Despite the recent turbulence market, Alice Walton has seen her fortune increase by 23% since last year. Alice Walton, who has no role at Walmart, is helping run a Walton Family Foundation program that will issue $ 300 million in bonds to help private contract schools invest and renovate their facilities.


Net worth: $ 48.9 billion

Pays : France

Source of wealth : L’Oreal

Source : Getty Images

The granddaughter of L’Oréal founder Eugène Schueller became the French heiress to L’Oréal in 2017 after the death of her mother Liliane Bettencourt, then the richest woman in the world, at the age of 94 years. Françoise Bettencourt Meyers’ fortune has shrunk by $ 400 million since last year’s listing, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Shares of the cosmetics giant indeed fell 12% in the first two weeks of March. In March, the company announced that its factories would begin manufacturing hand sanitizer to meet the needs of French and European health authorities.


Net worth: $ 38.2 billion

Pays : United States

Source of wealth : Koch Industries

Source : Getty Images

New to this year’s list, Julia Koch joined the billionaire ranks after she and her three children inherited 42% of Koch Industries’ stake from her husband, David, who died in August 2019 at the age of 79 years old. Originally from Iowa, Julia Koch moved to New York City in the 1980s and worked as an assistant to fashion designer Adolfo.


Net worth: $ 36 billion

Pays : United States

Source of wealth : Amazon.com

MacKenzie Bezos debuts on the list after finalizing his divorce from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in July 2019; the award-winning novelist has received a quarter of her ex-husband’s stake in the e-commerce giant. MacKenzie Bezos signed on Giving Pledge, promising to give at least half of his fortune, in May 2019.


Net worth: $ 24.7 billion

Pays : United States

Source of wealth : Sweets, animal feed

Jacqueline Mars and her brother, John, each inherited a third of the $ 35 billion (sales) candy company known for M & M’s and Milky Way bars. Her late brother Forrest Jr’s four daughters own the Rest of Mars, which also owns a major pet food and veterinary care business. Jacqueline Mars worked for the company for almost 20 years and served on the board of directors until 2016.


Net worth: $ 20.3 billion

Pays : China

Source of wealth : Immovable

The 38-year-old owns 57% of the shares and sits on the board of directors of Hong Kong-listed property developer Country Garden, which her father founded and chairs. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the company set up robotic and automated food distribution stations in Wuhan (where the virus originated) to feed Chinese medical staff.


Net worth: $ 16.8 billion

Pays : Germany

Source of wealth : BMW, pharmaceuticals

Heir to automaker BMW, Susanne Klatten has seen her net worth plummet by 20% over the past year. With car sales slowing due to the pandemic, shares of BMW fell 24% in the first half of March. Susanne Klatten is also the sole owner and Vice President of Altana, a pharmaceutical and specialty chemicals company.


Net worth: $ 16.4 billion

Pays : United States

Source of wealth : Apple, Disney

Widow of the late Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder Laurene Powell Jobs runs Emerson Collective, a hybrid philanthropy and investment limited liability company she founded in 2016. Speaking of her fortune, Laurene Powell Jobs told the New York Times in February: “I’m not interested in legacy heritage buildings, and my kids know it. Steve was not interested in this. If I live long enough, it stops with me ”. His fortune declined by $ 2.2 billion from a year ago, in part due to a drop in Disney stock prices, but also because Forbes got a better idea of ​​his total wealth.


Net worth: $ 14.6 billion

Pays : China

Source of wealth : pharmaceutical products

Zhong Huijuan is chairman of Chinese drug maker Hansoh Pharmaceutical, which produces oncology, psychoactive, anti-diabetic and other drugs. Shares rose 10% between early January and mid-March, when the coronavirus was most prevalent in its home country. Zhong Huijuan is married to Sun Piaoyang, the billionaire president of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine.


Net worth: $ 13.1 billion

Pays : Australia

Source of wealth : mining

Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest person, built her fortune on iron ore. Daughter of famous iron ore explorer Lang Hancock, she has chaired the Hancock Prospecting Group, a mining and agricultural company, since 1992. Gina Rinehart’s fortune has shrunk by $ 2 billion in the last year due to the pandemic of coronavirus that caused values ​​in the iron ore industry to plummet.

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