August 3, 2021

Forbes / Ranking: Françoise Bettencourt loses the place of the richest woman in the world

The latest Forbes ranking of the richest people in the world in 2020 amazed.

In the men’s group, Jeff Bezos remains the richest man with a fortune of 131 billion dollars, or about 78,927 billion FCFA.

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However, on the side of the richest women of the year, L’Oréal heiress, Françoise Bettencourt Meyer lost her place as the richest woman for that of the second richest woman in the world.

She was ousted by Alice Walton from whom she had snatched this title in 2019. The coronavirus health crisis, which has a major influence on the economy of certain structures currently, did not seem to worry Alice Walton.

His fortune, which currently stands at $ 53.4 billion, or about 3.300 billion FCFA, increased by 23%.

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For now, here are the Top 10 richest women in the world according to Forbes magazine:

1- Alice Walter: with a fortune of around 54.4 billion dollars, i.e. 33,000 billion FCFA, she is the only daughter of the founder of Walmart, which is a transnational specializing in mass distribution.

2- Françoise Bettencourt Meyer : heir to the family business, L’Oréal, with a fortune that ‘amounts to 46.9 billion FCFA, or about 28.100 billion FCFA.

3- Julia Koch: new on the list, she makes a sensational entry by occupying the 3ème place. With a fortune of 38.2 billion dollars, or about 23,000 billion FCFA, she inherited 42% of the shares of Koch industries from her husband who died last August 2019.

4- Mackenzie Bezos : she inherited ¼ of her husband’s fortune after their divorce in July 2019. With a fortune of 36 billion dollars or about 21.600 billion FCFA, the ex-wife of the founder of Amazon becomes the 4th richest woman in the world.

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5- Jacqueline March: she has a fortune of 24.7 billion dollars, or about 14.6 trillion dollars FCFA, which come to him from his part of the inheritance of the structure M&M producing sweets and treats and also pet food products.

6- That Huiyan : to wealth of $ 20.3 billion, or about $ 12.160 billion FCFA, comes from its 57% stake in the real estate development company “Country Garden ».
Note that this company has set up robotic and automated food distribution stations in Wuhan.

7- Susanne Klatten : owner of a pharmaceutical company, she is heiress of theBMW car manufacturing plant, and has an estimated fortune of $ 16.8 billion, or about $ 10.060 billion from FCFA. His fortune has just fallen by 20% because of the health crisis.

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8- Laurene Powel Jobs : the widow of the former Apple boss, has an estimated fortune of $ 16.4 billion, or about $ 9.8 trillion FCFA, obtained thanks to its investment structure created in 2016.

9- Zhong Huijuan : with it, China occupies 2 places in the top 10 of the richest women in the world, and this, thanks to pharmaceutical products. She is also Sun’s ex-wife Piaoyang, the billionaire president of Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine. His fortune is estimated at 14.6 billion dollars, or about 8,700 billion FCFA.

10- Gina Rinehart : with a fortune of 13.1 billion dollars, or about 7,800,000,000 of FCFA, she is the 10th richest woman but also the richest person in Australia. President of Hancock Prospecting Group, she is the daughter of iron ore explorer Lang Haancock. The structure she chairs is a mining and agricultural company. His fortune fell by 2 billion.