July 31, 2021

Le Creusot – Fabien Roussel, PCF boss, praises nuclear power in front of Industell

The outfit of the national secretary of the French Communist Party contrasts with the overalls of the workers of Industell and Framatome gathered in front of the ArceloMittal headquarters in Le Creusot this Thursday afternoon.

Fabien Roussel hands out handshakes. The deputy from the North and presidential candidate for 2022 is above all a politician who wants to put the question of industry at the heart of our country, “it is our future”, he said.

His speech is tinged with truth as the CGT and the Communists like to hear. Thus on the sale of Industell, he launches, “we ask to be able to intervene on the choices. You produce wealth, you have to have your say ”. Not sure that Lakshmi Mittal, the big boss of ArelorMittal hears it that way. He also seems insensitive to criticism, those of taking state money, distributing dividends while cutting jobs or relocating production. In this regard, in his capacity as deputy, Fabien Roussel wants to intervene with Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy “to hold him to account”.

The opportunity is too good for the national secretary of the PCF not to engage in nuclear power since Industell and Framatome work for this sector and the presidential candidate has made it one of his priorities. “We need nuclear energy in France, carbon-free electricity”.

The opportunity to bounce back on the cost of electricity needed by companies such as Industell and Framatome or the Saint-Claude foundry where he recently visited and consumes € 100,000 per month. “Here at Industell, it’s at least € 1 million. “If at least we could reduce the bill and not tell us that the price of labor in France is too expensive.”

From the energy transition to the industrial transition, Fabien Roussel spans it without any difficulty and therefore returns to the concerns of the Crucotine workers. “We need great ambition to keep these companies and we must regain control of industrial tools”.

A speech that was already held in 1968, Antoine Kiajanian, leader of the CGT at Forges de Gueugnon now in the hands of ArecelorMittal with its subsidiary Aperam.

Before leaving Le Creusot, Fabien Roussel spoke with the mayor, David Marti.

Jean Bernard