July 28, 2021

Lyon. The moving farewell to the arms of military governor Philippe Loiacono –

By Marc Engelhard

Farewell but not goodbye. More than 200 personalities accompanied General Philippe Loiacono during an emotionally charged ceremony.

The ritual is immutable under the gilding of the Hotel Vitta, avenue Foch in Lyon 6. Every three years, Lyon accompanies its military governor to the end of his career before welcoming the new one (his appointment will be effective before the parade of 14 July). The last two shifts had a special flavor because of the personality of the general officers in question.

Lyon had liked very much Pierre Chavancy, converted into civilian life at Michelin; Lyon loved it Philippe Loiacono. Landed in 2018, the general from Castres – where he put on his first khaki outfit in 1980 – made a lasting impression on minds and hearts. “An astonishing and explosive general” who, in his 40-year career, has distinguished himself in all the theaters of operation where France was involved.

“The soldier of the sun”

Present in Lyon for this particular day, the highest ranking officer of the army was not mistaken: “Gathered together at the end of the afternoon while the day is slowly beginning to wane, we are about to say goodbye to a sun soldier. Despite the emotion that grips our hearts to see an officer of your caliber leave active service, this agenda will not be sad. He cannot be sad because as always, General, in spite of your silence, even frozen to attention, your enthusiasm remains communicative. »Announcement Thierry Burkhard, Chief of Staff of the Army (CEMAT).

General Burkhard also recalled General Philippe Loiacono’s commitment over the past 3 years in Lyon, where he had been appointed on July 1, 2018 as military governor of Lyon, general officer of the South-East defense and security zone ( OGZDS) and Land South-East zone commander: “you have never ceased to help protect the Lyonnais, the inhabitants of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region against the dangerousness of everyday life, by constantly worrying about the optimal efficiency of the Sentinel and Resilience systems. “

“Through your action, also memorial, the link between the Armies and the Nation has been particularly strengthened”

Words applauded by the many personalities present, foremost among them the honorary mayor of Lyon Gerard Collomb, the prosecutor Nicolas jacquet, the industrialist Alain Merieux and the Prefect of Region Pascal Mailhos : “I have met many general officers during my career. I had to arrive in Lyon to find both a great chef and a friend ”.

In his thanks, the general “bad boy” as he defines himself, assured to regret nothing of his “41 years of fullness, serenity and sometimes a lump in the stomach”. A career marked with the seal of the triptych “Commitment – youth – confidence” which he declined at length before paying tribute to his parents present in the audience, to his first chief warrant officer Troadec, at attention to you too and of course to his wife Evelyne : “You must have liked bad boys. You are my compass and my rock! “

“To be and to have been is essential”

Hyperactive, General Philippe Loiacono does not intend to stay sprawled on his sofa. He chose to pitch his tent in Lyon and join the Vicat group, run by the family Sidos. The French cement manufacturer has already entrusted it with an analysis and supervision mission in its largest factory in… Mauritania! His package is already ready for a second concrete career! See you soon, General!

Thank you to the guides for taking off their masks for a souvenir photo.

Thursday, May 27, 2021
Governor’s Hotel