July 25, 2021

Queen Noor in turmoil: this billionaire “friend” whose help will not be a luxury

Suspected of an attempted coup, his son, Prince Hamzah, had to pledge allegiance to his older half-brother, King Abdullah II of Jordan. But it will take more to intimidate Queen Noor, in delicacy with the sovereign and his wife Rania. Among the friends of King Hussein’s widow, another powerful man: the Mexican magnate Carlos Slim Helu, who has been said to be very close …

She is not not the type to shut up, nor to regret his words. Queen’s privilege, perhaps. Still would it take for Noor, widow of King Hussein of Jordan, that its legitimacy to express itself be recognized by the current reigning couple, Abdallah II et Rania with whom relations have been strained for 30 years. When his father died in 1999, Hussein’s eldest son established his power, those of his wife and his descendants as well. Even if it means going back on a commitment: to make his younger half-brother, Prince Hamzah born from King Hussein’s fourth marriage to American Lisa Najeeb Halaby aka Noor, his successor. This April 5, after being suspected of an attempted coup and under house arrest, the former crown prince had to sign a letter of allegiance to his older brother. In the process, the Jordanian Ministry of Justice formally prohibited his fate from being further discussed in the country’s media. Case almost closed … except for Noor.

The old queen, who now lives between the kingdom, London and the United States, has not only indignant at the immobilization of his son. Via her Twitter account, she also relayed the astonishment of some at the silence imposed on Prince Hamzah. Risky gesture. Leaks aren’t the only people in the Windsors. In the Jordanian royal family recomposed and decomposed according to marriages and quarrels, everyone rallied to Abdallah and Rania. In a quickly deleted tweet, Princess Fyral, ex-sister-in-law of King Hussein, denounced “the apparent blind ambition of Queen Noor and her sons” and their “grotesque pretension, without foundation, nor merit” to upset the order of succession decided by Abdallah II in 2004. The Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu will he establish himself as the savior of Queen Noor?

Noor and Carlos Slim Helu, two “friends” whom the experience of widowhood, among others, has brought together

“We are only friends”, swore the man, ranked among the 10 largest fortunes in the world by Forbes, at New Yorker, in 2009. Not without showing a certain pride in being linked to a woman of Noor’s caliber, as the magazine then recalled in a dizzying portrait. At the time, rumors swirledKing Hussein’s widow back and forth to Mexico City, where the telecommunications mogul lives. It is even said that she takes Spanish lessons to please the leader of Grupo Carso, a conglomerate of a hundred companies. This is the coquetry of Carlos Slim Helu, also co-principal shareholder of the New York Times: it weighs some 50 billion euros, but does not want to leave the city that saw him grow up. He does not own any yachts or jets. He wears shirts sometimes with holes. Carlos Slim Helu is not a high roller, he is an investor, one of those who seduce Noor, head of the King Hussein Foundation and ambassadors of many other charities.

© Action Press / BestimageCarlos Slim Helu, at a charity gala in New York in 2014. An engineer by training, this telecommunications magnate has established himself as the richest man in South America.

The magnate and the queen share even better. He was born in Mexico, to parents originally from Lebanon. She was born in Washington, but her paternal family was from Syria. Mostly, they went through the ordeal of illness and experienced widowhood. The same year. At the beginning of 1999, as King Hussein has just died of a recurrence of cancer, Carlos Slim Helu loses his wife Soumaya, niece of Lebanese President Amine Gemayel, following a kidney infection. Power then seems ridiculous for everyone who refocuses on their children – 6 for Carlos Slim Helu, 4 for Queen Noor. The fact remains that the “friend” of Abdallah II’s mother-in-law remains a powerful man. In 2014, the very active Hashemite ruler traveled to Mexico to strengthen ties between the country and his kingdom. Noor, for her part, has already been able to forge privileged links with the man presented as the strong man of Mexico. Well inspired, in view of the heartbreaks of the Jordanian royal family …

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