July 27, 2021

Schaeffler France celebrates 60 years of the Haguenau site

Bastion of the German equipment manufacturer in France, the Alsatian town of Haguenau has hosted the head office of Schaeffler France since 1959.

The factory located on the Haguenau site represents the historic heart of the Schaeffler equipment manufacturer in France.

To celebrate the 60e anniversary of the presence of the company in this region, Georg FW Schaeffler, son of one of the founders, owner and chairman of the supervisory board of the eponymous group, offered his warm congratulations to the employees of the site.

The big boss gave a solemn speech on the development of Schaeffler France and on the historical stages of the site, officially opened on November 13, 1959.

The Haguenau plant, which was one of the first Schaeffler sites outside Germany, had a very special character for Georg Schaeffler (co-founder of the group with his brother), Francophile and very attached to France. For him, the establishment in Haguenau marked the beginning of the internationalization of the group, as his son recalled: “ When the factory opened almost sixty years ago, more than four hundred new jobs were created, which was the Schaeffler Group’s first major establishment in a continental country. The end of the 1950s marked the beginning of our international expansion in a few years, in Europe, Brazil and the United States, with today a worldwide presence of 90,000 employees. Proximity to markets and especially to our customers has been and remains the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. »

This 60th anniversary day of the Haguenau site was also an opportunity to baptize the roundabout located in front of the site’s main entrance with the name of the founder, as well as to unveil the group’s new visual identity. Thanks to the Schaeffler common signage, the company strengthens its global image and simplifies its brand concept. Appellations INA, LuK and FAG are kept but will only be used in the future for the products concerned and in association with the Schaeffler brand.