August 4, 2021

Series (3/10): What are the Biggest Fortunes Doing to Address Climate Change? Larry Ellison, a sustainable activity is a good activity

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For Larry Ellison, a sustainable activity is a good activity. | Source: Getty Images

The greatest fortunes are invested in different ways to fight against climate change. Forbes offers you an overview of the stocks of the ten largest global fortunes in favor of sustainable development and a carbon neutral future.

(Net worth as of April 21, 2021)

NET FORTUNE : $ 101.3 billion



The American company created in 1977 by Larry Ellison has a clear stance on sustainability and climate change: “Oracle recognizes that a sustainable business is a good business,” the company proudly states on its sustainability webpage.

Larry Ellison has stepped down as CEO ofOracle in 2014, but he remains chairman of the board of directors and technical director. Some of his hobbies, such as sailing, show his commitment to sustainable development and the fight against climate change. Larry Ellison started the catamaran race SailGP in 2018. Currently estimated at $ 200 million, this race adopted the slogan “Fueled by nature” to underline its commitment to be powered 100% by renewable energy sources by 2025.

Larry Ellison’s most ambitious project is to transform Hawaiian Island of Lanai, which he bought in 2012 for $ 300 million, in a paradise of clean energy and well-being. On the island, the billionaire founded the welfare company Sensei, who built a $ 3,000-a-night spa called Sensei Retreat. Larry Ellison also built solar powered hydroponic greenhouses on Lanai.

Larry Ellison closed his philanthropic foundation last year, having focused most of his donations on education and health care. This month, the billionaire told Forbes that “philanthropy is the definition of unsustainable. Business is the definition of sustainability. “

Article translated from Forbes US – Authors: Sofia Lotto Persio and David Dawkins

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