July 31, 2021

Summary of June 2021 / Summaries


L’INTERVIEW. Emmanuel Besnier, president of Lactalis: “ Our priority is to properly integrate our recent acquisitions » .
STANDBY. Who are vegetarians and flexitarians?
INVESTIGATION. Funding: how to speed up your projects.
IN THE FACTORY. The Compagnie des Pyrénées is reinventing conditioned water.
Milk powders: Sill takes height.
LSDH obtains the support of Sofiprotéol.
Sweet Products will bite into Cémoi.
Barilla focuses on health and premium in France.
La Fabrique Cookies thinks bigger.
INNOVATION OF THE MONTH. Nutrimaine in the assault of plant-based cappuccinos.


DOSSIER. Fruits and vegetables: tsunami in the packaging!
The urgency to innovate is shaking the market.
Hunting for plastics: solutions full of boxes.

INGREDIENTS. Certification. Organic, a source of reassurance.
The aromas conform to organic.
Animal products focus on origin or functionality.
Fruit preparations for more authenticity.
Exoticism in the news ingredients.

PROCESSES. Cutting: more flexible and precise slicers.
More versatile lines.
Ten new products under the microscope.
Weber and Multivac slice and pack without interlayer.

PACKAGING. Packaging lines: agility and eco-responsibility.
Packets of pasta packaged with a Jyga cell.
The Störtebeker brewery multiplies the formats with the Krones Varioline.
AMC2 forms cardboard trays without glue.
Syntegon bags at low and medium speed.
Serac blows PET yoghurt pots.
ETPack mechanizes cardboard alternatives for fruits and vegetables.
Theegarten packs chocolate without glue.
Sangaria bottles still and carbonated drinks on a single Sidel line.
Coca-Cola blows and washes its returnable bottles with KHS equipment.

QUALITY. Biological contaminants: mycotoxins under surveillance.
Mycotoxins: more ecological and flexible analyzes.
Regulatory changes to anticipate.
Rye ergot in the eyes of the authorities.

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