July 24, 2021

Sun launches its VoD streaming platform

04/26/2007, by Dirk Basyn, Infrastructure, 312 words

The Santa Clara company now wishes to take a position on the IPTV market.

Taking advantage of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Sun Microsystems has just presented its video streaming platform. We believe that the most natural way for people to enjoy video is to download it from a server, said Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun and designer of the Sun Streaming System. The latter is made up of four Fire x4100 servers, an x4500 storage server and the Fire x4950, a new server dedicated to streaming. All these equipments are the result of a technology deployed by Kealia, the company founded by Andy Bechtolsheim in 2001 … and bought by Sun in 2004. This allowed the Munich native Andreas von Bechtolsheim (alias Andy Bechtolsheim) to turn the box around departure. Sun Streaming delivers 160,000 video streams (40,000 in HD), simultaneously, a bit rate of 2 Mbp / s. Each system is capable of transmitting the content of 5,000 DVDs. Sun announces that it has already established partnerships with Nortel and EDS, which wish to integrate the new platform into their IPTV solutions. However, the main target of the Santa Clara company is companies providing content to operators offering VoD over IP to their customers. It has thus chosen its camp in the war between Internet operators and cable operators, very present in the United States on the VoD market. If the wired networks wanted to offer a capacity equivalent to that of our systems, this would require a major upgrade, also reminded Andy Bechtolsheim. However, some specialists are tempered by Sun’s optimism. IPTV also has its limits. Routers are not that easily scalable. In addition, Ethernet switches and other servers in the network can slow down the traffic between the platform and the TV set, said Eve Griliches, telecommunications specialist at IDC.

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