August 1, 2021

This is how billionaires live in Tel Aviv, one of the most expensive cities in the world

Tel Aviv is one of the hottest cities in the Middle East. In addition to its rich history, Tel Aviv is home to some of the most interesting tech start-ups whose executives are helping to increase the number of wealthy residents in the city. In addition, Tel Aviv can boast of seeing American tech giants, such as Google and Facebook, opening offices in the city.

The second largest city in Israel after Jerusalem in terms of population, Tel Aviv has recently seen an increase in tourism. Located by the sea, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world: once again this year, Tel Aviv climbed to tenth place in this ranking, tied with Los Angeles.

Among Tel Aviv’s billionaires are real estate mogul Eyal Ofer and heiress Shari Arison – Israel’s richest woman. Many billionaire homes and shopping malls can be found in the historic Rothschild district, which is characterized by Bauhaus architecture and its booming real estate market.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Ruth Bloomfield wrote in 2015: “Wealthy Israelis have long been drawn to Tel Aviv’s cosmopolitan atmosphere. But, more recently, these old-world rich have been joined by young entrepreneurs who made their fortunes in technology start-ups, a growing sector in Israel. “

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Tel Aviv is a bustling seaside city in Israel.

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Founded in 1909 as Ahuzat Bayit, the city changed its name a year later to Tel Aviv, which means “hill of spring”. For some time now, Tel Aviv has been well placed in the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world.

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The city is located 70 kilometers from the capital Jerusalem, along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

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The city is close by car to two major airports: Ben Gurion International Airport and Sde Dov Domestic Airport.

Tel Aviv has about 430,000 inhabitants.

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The city is one of the largest in the country in terms of population. It ranks second, just behind Jerusalem.

And about half of the country’s billionaire population lives in Tel Aviv.

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In 2018, Israel had 106 billionaires with an average fortune estimated at $ 1.07 billion, according to Hareetz. For its part, The Times of Israel reported that in 2017 more than half of these billionaires lived in Tel Aviv.

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Roman Abramovich is currently the richest man in Israel, with an estimated fortune of $ 13.3 billion (11.86 billion euros).

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Originally from Russia, Roman Abramovich obtained Israeli citizenship in 2018. The billionaire owns English football club Chelsea. In 2015, he bought the luxury hotel Varsano Hotel from Yaron Varsano, husband of actress Gal Gadot who notably played “Wonder Woman” in the cinema, for approximately $ 2.8 million (2.5 million dollars). euros).

With a fortune of $ 5 billion (4.46 billion euros), Tel Aviv resident Shari Arison is the richest woman in Israel.

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Shari Arison inherited a large fortune upon the death of his father – the founder of the Carnival cruise line. She currently owns shares in Israel’s largest bank, Bank Hapoalim.

Also among the country’s billionaires is Eyal Ofer, a real estate and shipping tycoon, who has owned property in the Tel Aviv area. According to Forbes, his fortune stands at 9.7 billion dollars (8.65 billion euros).

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Eyal Ofer developed his father’s shipping company after he inherited it in 2001, Forbes reports. In addition, Eyal Ofer owns shares in the Norwegian-American shipping company Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as well as luxury properties in Manhattan, United States.

Stef Wertheimer – whose fortune stands at nearly $ 6 billion (5.35 billion euros), according to Forbes – also lives in Tel Aviv.

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Stef Wertheimer is the founder and honorary chairman of Iscar Metalworking. In 2006, he sold the company to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway holding company for $ 4 billion (3.57 billion euros). In 2010, he received the Oslo Business for Peace Award for his work in Israel and Palestine.

For some time now, Tel Aviv has also become home to a number of tech companies, bringing in a fresh breeze with young talent – and new capital.

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Sam Shead, of Business Insider US, had pointed out in a previous article that Israel was commonly referred to as the “Start-up Nation”. The tech boom is swarming millionaires across the country, Hillary Hoffower of Business Insider US previously said, fueling strong demand for luxury homes and apartments.

Tech giants like Google have also opened offices in the city.

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Within the Google offices, the decoration and theme are different on each floor. One of them, for example, has sun loungers and an internal slide.

Facebook, too, has an office in Tel Aviv.


Facebook, Microsoft and Intel use their Tel Aviv offices for research and development.

With this influx of technology, neighborhoods have expanded. Hillary Hoffower of Business Insider US previously reported that property prices in Israel have doubled in the past ten years. In Tel Aviv in particular, prices are rising due to the success of the tech and tourism industry.

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According to Hillary Hoffower, “the increase in the number of hotels, apartments, condominiums and luxury residences in these areas has ultimately been driven by economic growth as well as an increase in the number of foreign buyers and travelers “.

One of the most popular areas of the city is Neve Tzedek. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2015, the average price of an apartment in this seaside district was between 1.5 and 2 million dollars (between 1.35 and 1.8 million euros).

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In 2015, Globes, the Israeli economic news outlet, revealed that the Neve Tzedek neighborhood was home to more than a dozen billionaires. Known for its restaurants and shops, Neve Tzedek is considered one of the city’s most desirable areas. Neve Tzedek even claims the title of Tel Aviv’s premier neighborhood.

The Wall Street Journal has also shown that the “golden mile”, an expanse near the seafront reserved for luxury apartments, is one of the city’s most coveted places to live.

And then there is the White City and the Bauhaus architecture.

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Named so because of its predominantly white buildings, the White City of Tel Aviv is home to the architectural style first popularized in the 1920s and 1930s. The oldest part of the city today concentrates countless houses of several millions of dollars.

On the culinary front, Israel has gained notoriety as a gastronomic tourist destination. And, over the years, the city has prided itself on having a variety of restaurants with Michelin-starred chefs.

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On its site, Hareetz reported that 11 Israeli restaurants were honored last year by appearing in the selective ranking “The List”. Among them is the Manta Ray from Tel Aviv.

In a 2018 Bloomberg article, celebrity chefs Yotam Ottolenghi and Eyal Shani both cheered on Tel Aviv’s food scene. The Herbert Samuel restaurant in Ottolenghi, as well as the Yoezer and Catit wine bar, both located in refurbished mansions, were recommended by Elite Traveler. Messan which is also part of “The List”, and was also named one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world by Wallpaper magazine.

In Tel Aviv, where there are several micro-breweries, the average cost of a beer is $ 2.94 (€ 2.60).

There is also a vibrant nightlife.


According to Lonely Planet, Speakeasy’s rooftop bar is one of Tel Aviv’s “top spots” and requires reservations to enter; the place is also used to host private business parties.

In the Florentine district of Tel Aviv, Satchmo offers a selection of 70 types of whiskey. Tel Aviv is also home to a Soho House.

One of the most iconic streets in Tel Aviv is Rothschild Boulevard. Lined with luxury boutiques, it is one of the main draws for wealthy residents and tourists, according to Tourist Israel.

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Boulevard Rothschild, named after a member of the French banking dynasty, remains one of the city’s most famous streets. The place is full of upscale designer boutiques and luxury skyscrapers.

Rothschild Boulevard is also home to some of the city’s luxury hotels and spas.

The Rothschild Hotel / Facebook

The Rothschild Hotel is considered the best luxury boutique hotel in Tel Aviv. The building has rooftop terrace suites, starting at $ 1,000 (€ 892) per night.

For its part, the Norman hotel has an infinity swimming pool on its roof. A penthouse suite (to be booked one month in advance) costs $ 2,400 (€ 2,140) per night.

Private clubs, offering exclusive access for the super rich, are also dotted across the city.


Located in the center of town, Morfium is an example of these private clubs. The latter has VIP access and private bars.

But not everything in Tel Aviv comes at a high price. The coastal town makes good use of its location: there are 13 beaches.


The most popular beaches are Jerusalem Beach, Mezizim Beach, and Frishman Beach.

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