August 3, 2021

VIDEO. The secrets of the Benalla affair

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Video length: 46 min.

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What role did the former official in charge of Emmanuel Macron play in the signing of the famous “Russian contract”? Who moved their personal safe before their home was searched? Has he retained support at the Elysee? For more than three months, “Special Envoy” investigated …

Who moved Alexandre Benalla’s personal safe in the middle of the night and in secret before his home was searched? Did the former project manager with Emmanuel Macron continue to benefit from support inside the Elysee? What exact role did he play in the signing of the famous “Russian contract” with the sulphurous oligarch Iskandar Makhmudov?

For more than three months, “Special Envoy” investigated the bottom of a case that embarrasses the Elysee.

Chokri Wakrim delivers his version

For the very first time, a key witness, the soldier Chokri Wakrim, very close to Alexandre Benalla at the time of the facts, agrees to deliver his version, what he saw and heard while they were in the heart of this storm politico-media. The magazine’s teams also met Alexandre Benalla at length.

An investigation by Romain Boutilly and Tristan Waleckx broadcast in “Special Envoy” on June 20, 2019.