July 24, 2021

10 inventions and innovations that will change the world, according to Bill Gates!

We no longer present Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft in 1975! This man changed the world! Our way of working today is somewhat to him that we owe it. In an article published in the Michigan Institute of Technology journal, Bill Gates discusses the innovations that, for him, will change the world of tomorrow.

Nuclear energy, pill-camera, cancer vaccines or artificial intelligence, all these innovations could make the new world. A world, obviously focused on new technologies, but also on medical research. Bill Gates is known to devote a large portion of his fortune to charitable work through his foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The intestinal camera pill

Today, the only way to check the proper functioning of the intestines is a colonoscopy. A very intrusive intervention, which is done under general anesthesia. Tomorrow, these exams could be done via swallow camera pill… In developing countries, where malnutrition causes frequent intestinal problems, this method would make it possible to detect possible problems more quickly and easily.

A pill to explore our intestines.

The agility of robots!

We cannot say that today’s robots are the most skillful. For Gates, artificial intelligence, linked to machine learning will make it possible in less than 5 years to make robots more skillful … And therefore to use them for specific tasks that only a human can currently perform.

Boston Dynamics robot can now run indefinitely with its new auto-recharge function
Robot Chien Spot / Photo credit: Boston Dynamics

A vaccine against cancer

This is obviously one of the medical advances that we are all waiting for! Public Health France reminds that cancers are the leading cause of death in men and the second in women in France.

Lyon: a vaccine against gastro to fight against cancer
Lyon: a vaccine against gastro to fight against cancer

The vaccine is currently in the testing phase, it would allow the immune system to recognize cancer cells and eliminate them without touching healthy cells. The same system as current chemotherapy but in the form of a vaccine. Hope for all who will undoubtedly change the world!

Medical watches

Still in the medical field, the smart watches we know for counting our steps or measuring our heart rate could be a game-changer! Indeed, by integrating electrocardiograms into their algorithms, these watches could save lives. An electrocardiogram detects the presence of blood clots, and could therefore prevent strokes. But of course it detects the heartbeat, which could lead it to detect heart disease early and prevent myocardial infarction.

Diabetes: Samsung's next smartwatch would feature blood sugar monitoring
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 connected watch. Photo credit: Alexandre / Neozone

Detection of prematurity in newborns

Prematurity kills 15 million babies every year around the world. WHO says premature baby is born before 37 completed weeks of gestation. In 2015, 1 million babies died because of their very premature birth. Today, an invasive and painful biopsy makes it possible to detect this prematurity. Tomorrow, a simple blood test from the mother will make it possible to know the risks of prematurity and to overcome them upstream.

Artificial placentas could become a reality within five years
More than ten years of research to develop an artificial placenta. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Mopic

WCs without sewers

For us, toilets are necessarily connected to sewers that evacuate wastewater. This is not the case for the whole population… 2 billion people in the world live without sewers! Self-filtering toilets capable of destroy waste without sewerage would obviously be a revolution. And would allow better hygiene and less disease, even in the most remote parts of the world.

Washlet: Why choose a Japanese shower toilet?
TOKYO, JAPAN – October 26, 2017: Modern high tech toilet with electronic bidet in Japan

An artificial steak?

We know how much the production of meat generates greenhouse gas pollution in particular. For Bill Gates, the solution lies in the meat created in the laboratory. A meat with the same qualities (nutrients, taste) which should even be available in the next few months … It remains to be seen whether this artificial meat will really resemble the meat we know. It will probably take several years to convince the general public!

KFC will soon launch Chicken Nuggets… Without Chicken!  And 3D printed ...
KFC artificial nuggets

Artificial intelligence

We all know Alexa or Google Home that responds to our voice! And sometimes, these connected speakers do us a great service! They close the shutters, turn on the lights, play our favorite song… And they can also manage our agendas! Tomorrow, by perfecting their language, they could help us even more to manage our daily life. Real progress, this still remains to be proven?

The book The Hidden Face of Artificial Intelligence has just been released, and it will amaze more than one!
Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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