August 1, 2021

11 things you didn’t know about cures

“Robert Smith played with Siouxsie and the Banshees, yes, I know” curse yourself in front of your screen. But do you really know all about Cure. To convince you, Pixbear gathered 11 anecdotes concerning this cult formation.

01. There can only be one…

Robert Smith is the only member of Cure to appear on all the albums of the group since 1976. Behind him, we find, in terms of longevity in the formation, Simon Gallup, Jason cooper and Roger O’Donnell.


02. Lullaby

The song Lullaby, present on the album Disintegration (1989), is inspired by a recurring nightmare of Robert Smith when he was a child: being eaten by a giant spider. She talks about the fear of sleeping and reminds him of the creepy lullabies her father used to sing to her. “He was always making them up. There were horrible endings. It was like ‘sleep little baby or you won’t wake up’ ” did he declare.

03. Robert Smith VS. Barbra Streisand

In 1998, Robert Smith lent his voice to his own character in an episode of South Park. During this episode, he was fighting a giant version of Barbra Streisand who was trying to destroy the city. The co-creator of the series is a big fan of Cure. At the end of the episode, he makes his character say Kyle Broflovski what Disintegration (1989) is the best album of all time.

04. Anti-racist mention

The first single from the British formation, Killing an Arab, came out with a sticker explaining that the Cure were not a racist group as the title could be confusing. Yet this song is inspired by the novel byAlbert Camus The foreigner.


05. Charlotte Sometimes

The song Charlotte Sometimes (1981) is inspired by the book of the same name by Penelope Farmer published in 1969. It takes up the same theme as the book, namely time travel. This single does not appear on any of the Cure.

06. Close to Me

The idea of ​​the video Close to Me, from the album The Head on the Door (1985), comes from a dream of Robert Smith. He saw himself locked in a closet that fell from the top of a cliff into the ocean …

07. High fidelity

Robert Smith met his wife Mary Poole when he was only 14 years old. They got married in 1988. She makes a ghostly appearance in the music video for Just Like Heaven (1987).

08. Suicidal Pornography

L’album Pornography (1982) takes root in a heavy depressive phase of Robert Smith combined with heavy drug use by the group. “I had two choices at the time, either kill myself, or make an album and get out of it” did he declare.


09. Fuck Robert Palmer

In 1981, while performing at the Rock Werchter festival (Belgium), the Cure delivered a long version of more than 9 minutes of the title The Forest just to annoy Robert Palmer that was to happen after them. The latter had asked his roadies to hasten the departure of the stage group. At the end of the song, Simon Gallup dropped a little “Go shit Robert Palmer” well felt.


10. The Lovecats

The song The Lovecats (1983) was originally written as a parody. “The Lovecats is far from my favorite song: composed drunk, clip filmed drunk, promotion done drunk. It was a joke “ has explained Robert Smith. Yet this joke was the first single from Cure entered the UK Top 10.

11. Flop announced, success guaranteed

L’album Disintegration (1989) was rejected by the Elektra label. He thought it was commercial suicide. Finally, it will pass several million copies and will launch the career of the group in the United States. It is the biggest success of the career of Cure… Morality: never listen to your record company!


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