July 26, 2021

For the capitalists, rather fascism than ecology

The rise of far-right ideas in French society is dizzying. Far-right ideas, that is to say racist, authoritarian, nationalist, security and violent ideas. Each week, a new limit seems to be crossed: Action Française hooligans invade the Occitanie regional council, retired generals evoke the intervention of the army for the « protection of our civilizational values », a police demonstration takes place in front of the National Assembly in the presence of the Minister of the Interior while the demonstrators plead for justice, a « videographer considered a comedian », according to Le Figaro, Papacito, shows with weapons how to kill a left-wing activist, Eric Zemmour has an open table on CNews to propagate the theory of “great replacement”, etc.

These facts are part of the drift set in motion during the successive five-year terms of MM. Sarkozy, Hollande, and Macron, who have accompanied and encouraged the prosperity of far-right themes: celebration of « national identity », accumulation of freedom-killing laws in the name of anti-terrorism, relentlessness against migrants by trampling on human rights, increased police repression and unpunished in working-class neighborhoods and against social and environmental movements. The popularization of racist themes was also ensured by the media of the oligarchy, the Figaro (Dassault) to CNews (Bolloré) via L’Express (Drahi), Point (Pinault), Current values (Safa) ou Marianne (Kretinsky). This ideological hype on security, Islam, terrorism, civilization performs a simple function: to hide the deterioration of the social situation linked to the continuous rise in inequalities, to conceal the same acceleration of the ecological disaster, including the pandemic. of Covid-19 is the most resounding symptom.

Real insecurity is ecological and social

The thunderous noise around the« insecurity » that would afflict French society thus conceals social insecurity, which affects nearly half of the population, and ecological insecurity, which grows year after year, as indicated by the increase in droughts and floods or the inexorable rise in coastal waters. In fact, as Éloi Laurent points out, much more than interpersonal violence, which has fallen sharply since 1990, it is mortality linked to chronic diseases of environmental origin (air pollution, junk food, etc.) which is on the rise, with an increase in the overall death rate since 2014.

Everything happens as if the capitalists had forged an implicit alliance with the far right: as long as it does not threaten the regime with inequalities (as François Ruffin has clearly shown) nor oppose the technological surge, it is an acceptable option, if not desired. Thus, artificial intelligence – the promise of job destruction, as Bill Gates recognized in 2014 [1] – is it ardently supported by right-wing politicians in the name of … security, such as Mr.me Pécresse promoting facial recognition.

Of course, the choice of the oligarchy will always be a Macron rather than a Le Pen, a Draghi rather than a Salvini, a Biden rather than a Trump. But if by chance a Sanders or a Mélenchon had a chance of winning, the Holy Alliance of the established order would not hesitate, as Raphaël Enthoven, the darling darling of the capitalist media, admitted without disguise: rather Le Pen than Mélenchon.

This deadly alliance between capitalism and the extreme right facilitates the astonishing destruction of the world which continues day after day, and which should make the front page of all the media as it does on Reporterre. But we would then unveil the best kept secret of the time: this system cannot be reformed. The unhealthy frenzy of Zemmour, Praud and other Papacito, whose role is to divert the attention of billionaires who thus have the freedom to devastate the world, reveals in hollow what has become of the political conflict of the beginning of the XXIe century: closed nationalism is opposed by biosphere cosmopolitanism, social inequalities and climatic apartheid are opposed by humanist universalism, destructive growth is opposed by equitable sobriety. The ecology of human development is opposed to authoritarian capitalism and ready for fascism.

Enough, we won’t be intimidated anymore !

However, it remains for those who are carriers of the emancipatory ideal to live up to this bitter conflict, which is drifting day by day far from the comfortable habits of liberal democracy. This is not yet the case: candor towards the powerful, fear of the scale of the danger, vain hope of accommodation, personal calculations, difficulties in extricating oneself from the individualist culture, all these causes combine for to leave divided a conglomerate of ecological and left parties, associations and movements of struggle, which nevertheless carry a common hope.

In the deleterious atmosphere that reigns, fatalism could give up and lead people to believe that 2022 has already been played. Well no ! Despite everything, and first of all, stubborn struggles can prevail, as the women of the Ibis hotel – victorious – have just shown, the activists who fought against the Andorra airport project – abandoned – or against the Surf Park project in Saint-Père-en-Retz – abandoned – ; similarly, the battle against the global security law has partly borne fruit, since this unfair law was partly censored by the Constitutional Council, while the Council of State likewise prohibited the police technique of the trap or the restrictions on journalists during protests. The conclusion is simple: we must not give up an inch of ground, whatever the electoral calendar, and resist without wavering the blows that the dominant and their allies of the extreme right bring to the biosphere and to freedoms.

The march of freedoms organized this Saturday, June 12 in several large cities at the call of many parties, unions and associations, is thus a major moment. We have hit rock bottom, now is the time to bounce back. Enough, we won’t be intimidated anymore !

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