August 1, 2021

LA RÉCAP ‘La tarte à Tain / Didier Lauga, du vilet à la toge / Les procureurs écrivains nîmois

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron Photo DR

Every Saturday at 7 p.m., Objectif Gard offers you a meeting in the form of a flashback on the events, large or small, which punctuated the week. Let’s go for the Recap ‘!

The Tain tart. 18 months in prison, including 14 months suspended, with warrant of committal at the hearing. This is the price that will be matched by Damien Tarel, alias Gaston Labaffe, for having indulged in giving a mandate to the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, visiting Tain-l’Hermitage (Drôme). Expensive paid, some might say. Not enough, will argue others who might have wished to see the Bruce Lee of the poor, lover of manga and martial arts of the Middle Ages – we had never heard of it before! – being quartered by four horses in a public place and who have barely tasted this new version of the “tarte Tatin”. We will carefully avoid taking sides in this debate and reconsidering the idiotic gesture of a fool, widely commented on elsewhere by political leaders in Gard and unanimously condemned by them. On the other hand we say to ourselves that this Tarel, of which we wonder if he did not lose on the way the final L of his surname to exchange it for an acute accent on the E, is very lucky to live in a democracy. in which the leaders do not hesitate to come into contact with the citizens (even if it means being heckled or worse!) and where justice is rendered in the name of the people. One could indeed wonder that he could have arrived at the same eccentric if he had been Russian or North Korean instead of French and that he was crazy about whispering the affable Putin or the no less jovial and easygoing Kim Jong-un. But if he had the absurd idea of ​​reoffending, we could not better advise him to speak with Noël Godin, alias Georges Le Gloupier, the “cream” of the spreaders, in order to exchange sweeter recipes. The claimed spokesperson for the iconoclastic and cheering International pastry chef, who pinned, among others, to his hunting chart Nicolas Sarkozy, Bill Gates, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, Doc Gynéco, Benjamin Castaldi, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, and his favorite Turkish head Bernard-Henri Lévy (7 times! ), had for his part succeeded in putting the laughers on his side and to arouse sympathy around schoolboys and pastry attacks. Because for a good pie you need the right ingredients. No chestnut or peach in full pear. Cream only cream. With the cream, it glides smoothly …

Didier Lauga (in beige suit) is the new president of the Foundation (Photo DR Objectif Gard)

Didier Lauga, from the waistcoat to the toga. It’s been in effect since Tuesday. While shortly before leaving his functions in the department he had expressed in our columns the idea of ​​putting on the orange vest of the volunteers of the Food Bank – “You offer me an orange vest in my name, I will help you because we must not lose sight of solidarity, the work you do and important“, he suggested to the president – it is ultimately another path that the former prefect of Gard and still resident in Gard, Didier Lauga decided to take. He takes over from former minister Georgina Dufoix, resigned, as president of the International Foundation for Roman Monuments of Nîmes. Co-opted and requested by the mayor of Nîmes, Jean-Paul Fournier, the senior official whose aspirations ultimately lean more towards banking than food, inherits from the responsibility to put his interpersonal skills and his address book at the service of the search for new patrons ready to drop a few sesterces or a few aces to continue the renovation of the ancient arenas.

Alexandre Rossi, has just published a reference book on his life as a prosecutor. A book for the general public that allows you to better understand the daily life of a prosecutor (Photo B.DLC / Objectif Gard)

Nîmes writers’ prosecutors. Admittedly, they are not the only ones to embark on the exercise of a parallel career in literature, but the Nîmes jurisdiction can however boast of having within it two writer prosecutors. The latest to have taken up the pen, Alexandre Rossi offers us a popularization book on the mysteries of his profession. To paraphrase Doctor David Reuben and greet Woody Allen with a wink, an opus like “Everything you always wanted to know about the job of prosecutor without ever having dared to ask”. The preface to this work is signed by a certain Érick Maurel with a K. A feint of a rural policeman that we owe to the Nîmes prosecutor Éric Maurel, a prolific author. Erick to get a little closer to Erik Orsenna? You have to start with something, the rest will come … “There is no need to hope in order to undertake, nor to succeed in order to persevere“, said William I of Orange-Nassau, the Goncourt is at the end of the praetorium …

“Chronicle of a public prosecutor”, by Alexandre Rossi. Enrick “B” Editions. 16.90 euros.

Philippe GAVILLET from PENEY