July 31, 2021

Sosh launches completely into the price war and replies to SFR and Bouygues, Free in withdrawal

Sosh launches completely into the price war and replies to SFR and Bouygues, Free in withdrawal

Three operators are going blow for blow in the field of data and prices.

Like an air of 2018 but with a bigger competitor. After initiating the price war three years ago, Red by SFR and Bouygues Telecom are putting the cover back together with a series of attractive limited series. The low-cost brand of the operator at the red square yesterday marketed three mobile packages at discounted prices. The first includes 20 GB for € 4.99 / month, the second formula offers a data envelope of 60 GB at 8 euros per month when the last puts the package with 130 GB for € 12 / month.

Opposite, Bouygues Telecom replied as usual and it succeeded rather well since it has been going it alone in terms of recruitment in the segment for several quarters. The operator of Martin Bouygues has suddenly revised its offers and now leaves the choice between 20, 60 and 140 GB packages at 5.99, 8.99 and 12.99 euros per month respectively, until June 13.

In this mano to mano fight, a third operator steps into the ring. If for several months, Sosh has been more aggressive, this is the first time that it has attacked a small package by also offering today a limited series including 20 GB at € 4.99 / month. For the rest, it’s more classic with two packages including 60 and 100 GB at a price of € 13.99 and € 15.99 / month. Orange’s mobile engine is struggling not to lose too much ground on Bouygues Telecom and is lining up.

For its part, Free Mobile remains on the sidelines and does not respond. Its strategy is quite different, between profitability and improving its subscriber mix. Xavier Niel’s operator is however impacted by his Achilles heel, his package at 2 €. The loss of subscribers continues quarter after quarter on this offer. The offensive of Red by SFR, Bouygues and Sosh on entry-level packages could even accentuate this trend. As a reminder, Free Mobile offers an intermediate offer including 80 GB at € 11.99 / month for 1 year and a very muscular package with 150 GB in 4G and 5G at € 19.99 / month.