July 24, 2021

Top 10 companies with the best market capitalization

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has published the list of the 10 companies with the best market capitalization between March 2020 and March 2021.

In its report, PwC clarified that the market capitalization of the world’s top 100 companies increased 48% between March 31, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

Regarding the top 10 companies in this ranking, the market capitalization recorded an average increase of 187.4%. It varies between 565% for the first company at the top of the ranking and 110% for that in the tenth position.


According to the “Global Top 100 companies by market capitalization”, compiled by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Tesla represents the company with the largest market capitalization between March 2020 and March 2021. Its capitalization, of 96 billion dollars in March 2020, has exceeded $ 600 billion in March 2021 (about 35 times the Tunisian state budget), an increase of 565%.

Tesla is an American electric car manufacturer. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning created it in 2003. Its current manager, Elon Musk, has managed to make it a great success.


In second place we find the Chinese tech giant, Meituan. Its capitalization changed by 221% between March 2020 and March 2021. It went from 70 to 226 billion dollars during the same period.

Meituan is a Chinese company specializing in online sales. It offers catering-related delivery and reservation services. It was founded in 2010 by Wang Xing.

3.Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen AG, meanwhile, came third and the top carmaker. Its market capitalization evolved by 165% between March 2020 and March 2021. It reached 165 billion dollars (9 times the budget of the Tunisian State) in March 2021 against 62 billion dollars in March 2020.

Volkswagen AG was founded in 1937. The group also offers financing, leasing and fleet management services. Ferdinand Porsche decides to create the company in Germany during the 1930s.


According to PwC, the fourth position goes to PayPal. The company’s market capitalization rose 153%. While it was around $ 112 billion in March 2020, the market capitalization reached $ 284 billion in March 2021.

PayPal is an American company offering an online payment service system in a large part of the world. It was founded in par Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek et Ken Howery.

5. Wuliangye

China’s leading producer of alcoholic beverages, Wuliangye, witnessed a 151% increase in its market capitalization. Worth $ 63 billion in March, the company’s market capitalization reached $ 159 billion. He was thus ranked fifth in this top 10.

Wuliangye is China’s largest producer of alcoholic beverages. It was founded in 1998.

6.Softbank Group

In sixth position, PwC placed Softbank Group. Thus, the Japanese company has managed to distinguish itself as the first Japanese and telecommunications company in this ranking. Its market capitalization, in the order of $ 73 billion in March 2020, closed March 2021 with a value of $ 176 billion.

SoftBank Group is a Japanese holding company. It includes among others ODN, Yahoo! BB, Softbank Mobile and Softbank Telecommunications. SoftBank Group was founded in par Masayoshi Son.


Taiwan has marked its presence in this ranking through the company TSMC. The market capitalization of this company increased from 235 to 534 billion dollars between May 2020 and May 2021. Its market capitalization, therefore, increased by 127%.

In 1987, the Taiwanese government decided to create the Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). It specializes in the manufacture of electronic chips.

8.ASML Holdings NV

Another European representative ranked eighth according to PwC. Dutch company ASML Holdings NV saw its market capitalization increase by 125% between May 2020 and May 2021. It grew from $ 113 billion to $ 255 billion during the same period.

ASML is a company specializing in the manufacture of photolithography machines for the semiconductor industry. It was created in 1984 by ASM International and Philips.

9.T-Mobile US INC

In ninth position we find T-Mobile US INC. The company’s market capitalization rose from $ 72 billion to $ 156 billion between May 2020 and May 2021. It grew by 117% during this period.

T-Mobile in the United States is an American mobile telecommunications company. John W. Stanton is the creator.

10.Lowe’s Companies

Lowe’s Companies, meanwhile, closes the ranking. PwC said the company’s market capitalization rose 110%. Estimated at 65 billion dollars in May 2020, the market capitalization reached 136 billion dollars (approximately 8 times the budget of the Tunisian state) in May 2021.

Lowe’s Companies specializes in home construction and gardening equipment. It was created in 1946 by Lucius Smith Lowe.