August 1, 2021

When the heir to Château Petrus imagines the fate of a great entrepreneur

Even though he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, heir to the empire Peter (one of the most beautiful appellations of Bordeaux wines, in Pomerol), Jean Moueix cultivates dreams of greatness and entrepreneurship. He invests all the time. After the hotel industry, catering (The lock…) where French whiskey Bellevoye, it is Savoyard mineral water Bonneval on which he sets his sights!

Jean Moueix has instinct in his DNA for inheritance, but not only. With a grandfather, Jean-Pierre, who had a passion for painting, and not just any, Dufy, Bacon, de Staël, and the incredible epic of Petrus, who became a world icon in the world of wine, transmission is important. An incredible 11.5 hectare estate valued at more than 1 billion euros of which he is joint heir with his father, his sisters and Alejandro Santo Domingo, New York beer billionaire of Colombian origin who has bought 20% of the shares of the estate in 2017.

A family dynasty that cultivates discretion

Little is known about this quasi-dynasty, although the two sons, Jean-François and Christian, each manage nuggets independently. Because if we obviously evoke the Petrus first of all because of its notoriety, the family began the wine adventure with Château Fonroque, a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. We can therefore say that the young Jean Moueix, son of Jean-François, did not have a difficult childhood. Some become spoiled children; on the contrary, he has never ceased to multiply business creations through the establishment of his holding company, Imagine.

A multi-entrepreneur on all fronts

Jean Moueix, 35 this year, already has a lot to do. Two years ago he was appointed to the operational management of the Duclot affair, one of Bordeaux’s best-known businesses in terms of trading. It has a stock of several million bottles for distribution through a traditional network, for export and direct sale in France. It would be a shame, however, to summarize this thirty-something in his family activities. His personal holding brings together various activities, often related to drinks, with or without alcohol.

Wines but also alcohols

Jean Moueix thus launched the French triple malt “Bellevoye” whiskey with Alexandre Sirech in 2018, a carefully thought-out product which was rewarded from its launch with 9 gold medals. A great success for the young company called “Les Bienheureux”. On its momentum, the co-founders continued their journey by offering other rare gems, such as a rum of Guatemalan origin, “El Pasador de Oro”, “L’Embargo” from the Caribbean, or an organic French gin. Last year, they launched “Thoreau”, 70% rum, 30% VSOP cognac, but which only has a 30% strength.

Without forgetting the hotel and catering industry

Through his holding Imagine, Jean Moueix has never ceased to invest in Parisian businesses, in the catering sector, such as Castel, l’Ecluse and around thirty others. In the hotel industry, the Bachaumont hotel, still in Paris, is part of the portfolio, this time in association with the Experimental Group. He says it himself, but family circumstances sometimes make it inaudible, he feels an entrepreneur above all, it is in his opinion a great opportunity to develop qualities such as thoroughness and method, however he does not start. only on condition of feeling totally concerned by the project.

His latest find

This time around, there will be no alcohol content in Jean Moueix’s new products. Bonneval, a new brand of mineral water from Savoie will soon be on the shelves. It will become the ultimate in mineral water. To carry out this project, the co-owner of Petrus joined forces with David Merle, a Ponts et Chaussées engineer who became an entrepreneur. They will invest more than thirty million euros to create a factory and a brand. Their number one concern is to respect the environment and to obtain the lowest possible carbon footprint for this mineral water, from the source to the store.

A real market of the future

The business is shaping up to be auspicious, and the market is promising. The project started in 2017, yet others had already broken their teeth. It took three years of efforts to make this water available in France and for export. Water over two thousand years old, quite difficult to extract, which is said to have exceptional minerality. Profitability will be delayed, not everything is written in stone when one embarks on an adventure of this type. The investments are high, although the water business is generally considered to be quite lucrative. Jean Moueix has something to hold on to, the world of wine has taught him a lot, Bonneval water will therefore be positioned in the high-end segment, and it will be possible to discover it at Monoprix. As for exports, it is already scheduled both to the United States and to China. Business can therefore move quickly.

Always successful associations

Jean Moueix generally starts in association. After all, why not, the family history began like this. Edmonde Loubat, owner of the eponymous hotel, the best restaurant in Libourne, bought the Petrus property in 1923. It had a lot to do, but it was through an association that the affair took shape: in 1947, it took off. ‘associates with Jean-Pierre Moueix, wine merchant also in Libourne. Together, they will have this wine recognized, of which they are sure of the quality.

Queen Elizabeth will have them on her wedding table, as will Albert Einstein, then the Kennedy family. Edmonde died childless in 1961, his nephew and niece subsequently sold their shares to Jean-Pierre and Jean-François Moueix. New not association, but fruitful collaboration, that of Moueix and a young Basque Jean-Claude Berrouet. The young oenologist will remain faithful to the Petrus for 44 years, until his retirement and his son Olivier took over.

The desire to change the world

Jean Moueix has a pretty cool appearance, but you shouldn’t totally trust him. He believes that entrepreneurs are much more useful than politicians in fundamentally changing the world and feeling new trends. This certainly explains his fascination with Elon Musk. The family as a whole have shown a sort of genius in business, so the grandson has to hold on to, the legacy is both heavy and light to carry.