July 26, 2021

Black Joe Lewis : Electric Slave (LP Chroniqué)

All these superhero movie releases made me want to put on a mask to right some injustices! My super power? Look for artists able to make your ears vibrate and remain invincible in the face of very bad records (to each their “super villains”!). And I’m very proud to present you the find of my last mission: Black Joe Lewis !

Satisfaction index: 70%

I was farting my face at all the “Goldman generation”When a distant cry reached my ears:“Bullshit Motherfucker”! The recording was saturated but my supersonic hearing detected a voice placed on a blues rhythm pushed by a very punchy guitar. I threw a last fulguropoing at Amel Bent and I left in the direction of Austin, United States.

Upon my arrival, meeting with the third album of Black Joe Lewis which has not changed its recipe: a blues / rock à la Black Keys with a good dose of Soul. This translates into the omnipresence of the brass (apart from the first two tracks) and there are partly sax solos’ punctuated by blows of trumpets when it does not go completely in BrassBand (“My Bloody Ain’t…” ).

The other flagship instrument of the album is obviously the guitar. Helped by the pedal “Fuzz”, Joe Lewis delivers unstoppable riffs or just sets the pace. The influence of Hendrix is obvious – even if the solos are a bit too rare for my taste – you’d swear it’s him on the cover.

The whole album is very coherent and I can’t find anything to throw away. From “Skulldiggin”, Worthy of a Hanni El Khatib, very rock’n’roll “Mammas Queen”, Everything is very good. Here is what to spend an excellent moment of relaxation far from the auditory threats of super villains. Besides, duty calls me, I am told that Tal released their second album… Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it!