July 26, 2021

Death of actor Ned Beatty

Deliverance © 1972 Jim Coe / Elmer Enterprises / Warner Bros. France All rights reserved

American actor Ned Beatty died yesterday in Los Angeles. He was 83 years old. One of the most notable supporting actors of the 1970s, he had been part during this period of films as memorable as Issuance de John Boorman, Nashville de Robert Altman, Network Low hand on TV by Sidney Lumet and Superman by Richard Donner. Extremely present in cinema and television until the early 2010s, Beatty had collaborated among others with such renowned directors as John Huston, Alan J. Pakula, Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, Mike Nichols and Bertrand Tavernier.

Superman © 1978 Dovemead Films / International Film Production / Warner Bros. France All rights reserved

Coming from the theater, Ned Beatty had landed his first role in Issuance by John Boorman in 1972. And what a role, since the sequence, long and trying, during which his character falls victim to a band of local bullies had hit the headlines at the time! After such a promising debut, the actor quickly continued on Judge and outlaw de John Huston, Last American Hero by Lamont Johnson and Les Bootleggers de Joseph Sargent.

It was in the mid-1970s that Beatty would perform three of his most iconic roles. Because after WW Dixie by John G. Avildsen, he was to participate successively in Nashville de Robert Altman, The President’s Men by Alan J. Pakula and Network Low hand on TV by Sidney Lumet. Always so prolific, he had played at the same time in The Crazy Bus by James Frawley and Gator by Burt Reynolds, then in Transamerica Express by Arthur Hiller, Mikey et Nicky de Elaine May, Exorcist II The Heretic de John Boorman, Walker by Robert M. Young – Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978 – and Save the Neptune de David Greene.

Le Malin © 1979 Anthea Film / Ithaca / Carlotta Films All rights reserved

Before becoming Lex Luthor’s sidekick in Superman by Richard Donner in 1978 and its sequel Superman II by Richard Lester two years later, Beatty had even had the honor of being the star of a series with the unpronounceable title, “Szysznyk”, stopped after only ten episodes. Nevertheless, the actor had mainly appeared on television from the 1980s. In parallel, he had collaborated in the cinema with John Huston (Malignant), Steven Spielberg (1941), Ronald Neame (Spy games), Joel Schumacher (The Incredible Shrinking Woman), Richard Donner (The Joujou, the American remake of Toy de Francis Veber), Hal Needham (The Ace of Hearts), Jim McBride (Big Easy The Cop of My Heart), Ted Kotcheff (Scoop), Michael Crichton (Evidence to support) et Albert Pyun (Captain America).

The War According to Charlie Wilson © 2007 François Duhamel / Relativity Media / Participant /
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After a last beautiful lead role in Hear My Song by Peter Chelsom in 1992, Ned Beatty was especially illustrated on the small screen, in particular in the series “Roseanne” and “Homicide”. In the cinema, he then made more sporadic appearances, among others in Rudy by David Anspaugh, Just cause by Arne Glimcher, He Got Game de Spike Lee, Cookie’s Fortune de Robert Altman, Perpetual by Ted Demme, The Walker de Paul Schrader, Sniper Shooter by Antoine Fuqua, Charlie Wilson’s War de Mike Nichols, In the electric haze by Bertrand Tavernier, The Killer Inside Me de Michael Winterbottom, Rampart the Ears Moverman et Destination Love by David E. Talbert. In the early 2010s, Beatty lent her voice to the Pixar animated film Toy Story 3 of Lee Unkrich as the evil pink teddy bear Lotso, as well as to Rank de Gore Verbinski.

Ned Beatty was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1977 for Network Low hand on TV. He was also nominated twice at the Emmy, as Best Actor in a Television Movie in 1979 for “Death in Action” by David Greene and in the category of Best Supporting Actor in a Television Movie in 1990 for “Last Train. Home ”by Randy Bradshaw.

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