August 2, 2021

For Oppo, smartphones with foldable screens are no longer a priority

At its Inno Day conference this week in China, Oppo claimed that phones with foldable screens are no longer a priority. She believes that the technology is not mature and that the market is not in demand.

Last February, at the Mobile World Congress, three brands officially announced work on foldable phones with flexible screens: Samsung, with the Galaxy Fold, Huawei with the Mate X, and Oppo, which then presented a prototype close to the model. of his compatriot. Nine months later, Samsung and Huawei market their products. They were joined by Motorola with the very handsome Razr. But Oppo has not presented any finished product during this time.

This week we are learning why. Oppo held an event in China called Inno Day. This is a conference where the Chinese firm presents its novelties. A bit like an “Apple keynote”. During this conference, Oppo notably unveiled its virtual reality headset or a smartphone prototype with an integrated webcam behind the touch screen, without holes, without motorized drawer or notch.

The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session with journalists. Alen Wu, vice president of Oppo, answered many questions about Huawei, Android, 5G and foldable screens. On this last subject, Alen Wu did not have the same position as at the beginning of the year. Yes, Oppo has prototypes. Yes, Oppo has developed an adaptable interface that supports both formats. But, no, Oppo won’t be marketing foldable products, just yet. Because this type of product is not a priority at all.

Technology not yet mature

Why this change of strategy at Oppo? Here is the official reason. The vice president of the brand affirms not having found any utilities in this format. It is therefore difficult to argue the technology with consumers. In addition, the leader does not believe that the market is showing enthusiasm for foldable smartphones and that the technology is not yet mature. It will therefore come back to it when conditions are better. Beyond this statement, it is evident that Oppo was also held back by Samsung’s misadventures with the Galaxy Fold. In addition, the selling price of foldable smartphones is very high. And Oppo is certainly not in a position to sell a phone at this price.

Xiaomi seems to be in the same situation. While Lin Bin, the president of the brand, posted several videos on social networks where he manipulates a smartphone with a foldable screen (even doubly foldable), the platform has remained at the prototype stage and the Chinese firm no. have not announced any final products using this design. Is it for a question of price? Or technological maturity? Xiaomi has not (yet) given its reasons.

Source : 01Net