July 24, 2021

Prada: When Kate Moss meets Miuccia Prada: 8 nineties looks that inspire us for this summer

If the period of the nineties fascinates today for its minimalist and effortless looks, Miuccia Prada unveiled season after season during this decade an up-to-date wardrobe, between monochrome outfits and timeless pieces. A mixture of elegance, sobriety and according to Raf Simmons, of a “je ne sais quoi” that has made the reputation of the Italian brand. “You can’t really define what it is, but you can feel it. We know that it exists, that it is there ”, explained the Belgian designer about “the touch” Prada, on the cusp of his spring-summer 2021 collection, his first as co-artistic director of the brand.

What about those memories of the ever-alive parades that weave the web of our life? Of these bouquets of banana prints (spring-summer 2011), these silhouettes fifties revisited with automotive motifs (spring-summer 2012), these gladiatorial leather dresses (fall-winter 2009) and these cardigans with the texture of cotton candy (fall-winter 2017)? These are clothes that we can always revisit and whose charm will appear again as on the first day.

While Miuccia Prada celebrates its 72nd birthday, back on the catwalks of the 1990s where a squad of supermodels paraded – among which we counted Stella Tennant, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista – gracefully highlighting the minimalist simplicity of the decade. However, these are the appearances of Kate Moss in timeless looks that capture our attention today.

25 years later, these pieces have not aged and are still as desirable as ever. With their extra soul of Prada, not only have these summer style essentials lost nothing of their fashion aura but they are completely in the era of the times: a little black dress worn over a bikini that goes just as well with thongs as wedge sandals or a small bag, a matching cotton set, a satin mini-skirt,… Review in pictures of the most beautiful outfits of Kate Moss on the parades Prada in the 1990s.

1. Immaculate sets

Crop-top, fluid pants and low-waisted mini-skirt for a summery look.

On the left, Prada spring-summer 1993 show, on the right, Prada spring-summer 1994 showCondé Nast Archive