August 2, 2021

Principe Baldini in the 2021 Sailor of the Year final in Italy!

An exceptional award ceremony was launched in Italy on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the magazine “Il Giornale della Vela”. 100 players in the world of sailing were in the running at the start. Organizer of the famous “Prince of Speed” at Le Rouet, Andrea “Principe” Baldini is one of the 11 finalists for the Sailor of the Year award day, this year 2021 !

Sort of the Oscars of Italian sailing, the competition “Il Velista dell’anno 2021” has competed in recent weeks, the 100 biggest names related to sailing in the last thirty years. Among the nominees were riders who competed in the Olympics, the duo Francesco Bruni and Max Sirena (pilot and skipper of Luna Rossa), sailing designers such as Mario Caponnetto (Oracle Sail) or Patrizio Bertelli (owner of Luna Rossa).

Prince Andrea Baldini was also on the selected list, as rider and creator / organizer of the Prince of Speed, at Le Rouet (63 records in 3 years: 42 ratified by the WSSRC and 21 recognized by WST).

Qualified for the final, the results of which will be known tomorrow, April 24, Principe Baldini answered’s questions!

– Principle, what can you tell us about this 30e edition of the Vellista dell’Anno?

On the 30th anniversary of the Tag Heur Marin Prize of the year2021, the Giornale della Vela nominated 100 people (including sailing myths like Giovanni Soldini, shipowners like John Elkann boss of Ferrari and Fiat, architects naval vessels like Mario Caponnetto etc etc…) to be awarded the Oscars of Sailing on the evening of April 24!

11 Champions reached the final for only 8 Oscars: the 30-year-old Marin Tag Heuer, the 2021 Tag Heuer Sailor of the Year, the Tag Heuer Oscar for performance, the Tag Heuer Oscar for Innovation, the Oscar Tag Heuer Don’tCrackUnderPressure, Oscar Tag Heuer for Young People, Oscar Tag Heuer Passion, Oscar Tag Heuer for “Most Sustained” Personality.

This 30th edition will allow the contact and synergy of high level personalities to make known and realize the sailing projects of tomorrow.

Here you are in the final of this ceremony, is it a dream come true?

More than a dream it is a great satisfaction, to be honest I have never dreamed of something so big like this. But now that I’m there, I hope to win a prize because being in the awards ceremony with such big names (the Champions of Luna Rossa, the mythical Paul Cayard, the great Giancarlo Pedote and above all the boss of Prada and Luna Rossa Patrizio Bertelli) can open doors for a wonderful synergy.

It is a great satisfaction to be appreciated as an athlete, equipment developer and for having contributed with my communication ability to transmit the passion for speed to the big boats of the America ‘Cup.

– It’s a great consecration for you and for windsurfing. What message do you want to convey?

It is indeed a very nice recognition for me and it also gives light to Windsurfing and dinghy sailing.

I think it can give me the opportunity to realize my dreams of running the World Speed ​​Tour and pushing the speed limits of dinghy sailing further.

Yesterday I listened to the interview with Paul Cayard who spoke of the drawbacks, and especially for the public, of Match Race with speed boats. This strengthened me in the belief that my competition format of the Prince of Speed ​​500m can also work well with boats like Luna Rossa which could bring to life an incredible spectacle better than the horse games back in the day. Ben Hur.

The message I would like to convey is that it is never too late to improve our equipment and our services… in windsurfing as in life, you always have to work to make your dreams come true.

Thank you Nicolas for this great interview.

Speed !