July 24, 2021

Robert Smith: the 56 good words of a musician who did not want to grow up

Leader omnipotent des Cure, Robert Smith is a key figure in British rock. To show him respect, Pixbear has collected 56 quotes that say a lot about the personality of this artist who has left an indelible mark on the minds of millions of music lovers.

01. Complete mental disorder

“There are only two times in my life that I have felt uncomfortable and found myself in complete mental disorder. One of those times was 1982. I had a horrible time for a few months and felt pretty hopeless. Then again in 1984, for various reasons, not all of which were under my control. Since then, I’ve only been going in and out of dark atmospheres. “


02. Bloodflowers

“I thought Bloodflowers would be the last Cure record. I thought it would be fantastic to end up with the best thing we’ve ever done, but I wasn’t sure we could make it happen. “

03. The idea of ​​reinvention

“The idea of ​​reinvention has always struck me as weird. “


04. Queen

“I never liked Queen. I can honestly say I hated Queen and everything they did. “

05. At home

“When I’m at home, I don’t wear makeup. But, even in the studio, before singing, I put on makeup. “


06. The Stranglers

“When punk arrived, I found the music of my generation. I grew up listening to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Pink Floyd, because that’s what was played at home. But when I first saw the Stranglers, I thought, ‘This is it!’ “

07. Pen and paper

“I write with pen and paper. Never on a laptop. “


08. As I get older

“As you get older the problem is, from my perspective after a certain number of songs you tend to start writing something and then you stop and say, ‘Wait, I think I already have wrote that. ‘ “

09. Concerts of 45 minutes

“I don’t want the Cures to die out doing 45-minute concerts in the form of greatest hits. It would be awful for our heritage. “

10. My parents’ house

“I still go to my parents’ house. I’m going there to escape, to go back to the room I grew up in. Just to sit there and feel small. “


11. Death

“I’m not really obsessed with death. “

12. Being a child

“I think when you become a parent you stop being a child and your position towards your parents changes. “


13. Janet Jackson

“I knew Janet Jackson better than the Teardrop Explodes or Joy Division, because I didn’t want to listen to my competitors for fear of stealing their ideas. “

“Hendrix was the first person who seemed totally free to me, and when you’re nine or ten your life is completely adult dominated. So he represented this thing that I wanted to be. Hendrix was the first person to make me believe that maybe it would be good to be a singer and a guitarist – before that I wanted to be a footballer. “

15. Du eyeliner

“You put on eyeliner and people start screaming. How strange and wonderful. “


16. Morrissey

“I never liked Morrissey and still don’t like him. Actually, I think it’s hilarious, what I’ve heard about him, what he really likes and his public personality is so different. He is such an actor. “

17. Make-up

“I wore makeup when I was in school and makeup when the glamor started. I started wearing it again when punk started. I’ve always been drawn to it. It’s partly ritualistic, partly theatrical, and partly just because I think I’m more beautiful with it. “


18. U2

“I don’t hate my peers because they are always there and remind me of what I do. I never liked them anyway. I never liked U2, which they have done over the years. “

19. Personal pleasure

“All my life I have been playing music for personal enjoyment and the idea of ​​becoming a machine or a business is just awful. “

20. Social networks

“In fact, I am present on all social networks, but I have never posted a message. I’m here because otherwise someone will pretend to be me. “


21. Be famous

“I didn’t want to be famous. I just wanted to make the best music ever. I didn’t want anyone to know who I was. “

22. Musician

“Honestly, I don’t place myself in the songwriter category. ‘Musician’ is written on my passport. It’s even funnier. “


23. Second division

“I’m not going to worry about the Cures going down to the second division; It doesn’t bother me because I didn’t think I was in the first division anyway. “

24. Our old songs

“I hardly listen to any of our old songs anymore. Once the songs have been recorded and put on vinyl, they become someone else’s entertainment, not mine. “

25. A live

“You don’t really know a song until you’ve played it live. “


26. The Drunk Rhythm Guitarist

“When we started, I wasn’t the singer. I was the drunk rhythm guitarist who wrote all these weird songs. “

27. The Cure

“No, come to think of it, I don’t think The Cure is ever going to end, but I can invent an ending if you want to. “


28. Mythe rock’n’roll

“I think the rock’n’roll myth of living on the edge is a bunch of crap. “

29. On the lookout

“I wouldn’t want to think that people adore us, are on the lookout for our every word or want to be like us. “

30. Go nowhere

“Each animal prefers to die on its own rather than losing its offspring. But these are just genes, aren’t they? Our entire existence has been spent worrying about the next generation, but we seem to be going nowhere. “


31. Wham!

“I could write songs as bad as Wham’s!” if I really wanted to do it, but what is it for? “

32. A routine person

“I really like what I do, who I am with and where I am. Having said that, I’m not a routine person, because what I do in my job is traveling the world, giving concerts and sometimes doing very strange things. “


33. Impose life

“I have never regretted not having children. My state of mind in this regard has been consistent. I opposed my birth and refuse to impose life on someone else. “

34. Spandau Ballet

“You can’t drink on an eight hour flight, pass out and then go on stage… well you can, but then you are Spandau Ballet. “

35. Anguish

“Without the belief that there is a world beyond the one we live in, I don’t see how it is possible to get rid of anxiety. “


36. M.A.C.

“I discovered special makeup from a company called MAC. You could carry it to the surface of the sun and it wouldn’t move. “

37. Goth group

“Only people who are not goth think that the Cures are a goth group. “


38. All those faces

“Sometimes I get to the end of a song, I open my eyes and all these faces are staring at me. It’s pretty awful. “

39. My phone

“I never answer if someone knocks on my door and only the band and my manager have my phone number. Either way, my phone doesn’t ring and I never notice it. Every now and then I walk by and pick it up to see if anyone is there. “

40. Refuse to grow up

“Refusing to grow up is like refusing to accept your limits. That’s why I don’t think we’ll ever grow up. “


41. Isolated from others

“If you feel isolated from others around you, it’s because no one is trying to understand you. “

42. Live

“Living is awful for me. “


43. A morose person

“I am not a morose person; it’s just that my best songs reflect the saddest aspects of life. “

44. Whitney Houston

“I’d rather spend my time looking at the sky than listening to Whitney Houston. “

45. Smile

“I’ve always spent more time smiling than not at all, but the point is, I don’t write about it. “


46. ​​Nonsense

“You can’t allow other people to put a price on what you do, otherwise it means you don’t consider what you do to have any value, and that’s nonsense. “

47. On stage

“When you’re on stage, the real world disappears during this time. It’s pretty intense. “


48. Music

“I get lost in music because I don’t want to take the trouble to explain how I feel to anyone around me. “

49. My appearance

“I married someone who loves the way I look. If every year I changed my hair and reinvented myself in a well-established pop fashion, naturally I think the person I’m married to would be a little fed up with me. “

50. In a romantic way

“I don’t think of death in a romantic way anymore. “


51. In the Top 10

“If any of our songs were in the Top 10, I would immediately disband the band. “

52. Dislike us

“They may not like us, but they can’t help but know who we are. “


53. No hope

“There is no hope that I will become completely relaxed on stage. If I did, I would sit down and doze off. “

54. Reluctant

“Whatever I do, even when I was in school, I never repressed anything that I was feeling. I was not flamboyant; in fact, I was pretty reluctant most of the time. But if I felt I had to do something, I would. “

55. Irritating people

“In some cases, I like to irritate people who need to be irritated. “


56. Depression

“It’s very easy to sink into a depression fueled by the pointlessness of existence. “

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