August 6, 2021

Speculation: George Soros launches into Bitcoin with $ 200 million!

George Soros

The American billionaire has teamed up to participate in a company that provides technological solutions and investments for cryptocurrencies, one of the biggest speculators of the last 50 years enters the world of Bitcoin.

The rise in stock prices has been supported by a drop in the profitability of US public debt as expectations of an economic recovery and fears of inflation rise as the approval of the new stimulus package promoted by President Joe Biden for $ 1.9 trillion.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, has repositioned itself as an asset of choice for investors more exposed to risk. With a cumulative increase of 12% between Tuesday and Wednesday, it has returned to the 57,000 zone, approaching its highs of 58,000 USD recorded on February 21.

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Bitcoin remains one of the best investments of 2021, with a cumulative gain of 96% in just over two months, which pushed the market capitalization of bitcoin above $ 1 trillion.

Even with high volatility, bitcoin accumulates in 2021 a gain of 96%

The rise in the price of bitcoin this year has been supported by a growing acceptance of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, beyond its use as a safe haven.

This week, we learned that the company New York Digital Group completed a funding round of $ 200 million. The list of eight strategic partners who will invest in the technology solutions provider and investments for Bitcoin, is made up of companies such as financial multinational Morgan Stanley and Soros Fund Managament, as well as Stone Ridge, Holdins Group and MassMutual, among others. .

The information was published in a press release, where it is explained that NYDIG’s goal is to work hand in hand with investors to deliver pioneering cryptocurrency-focused solutions to industries such as insurance, banking and renewable energies.

Clearly, the appearance of billionaire George Soros among NYDIG’s strategic partners – through the foundation that bears his name – has not gone unnoticed.

The famous Hungarian-born businessman described bitcoin in previous years as “bubble”And pointed out that other cryptocurrencies were also.

George Soros has reportedly been interested in bitcoin since 2018 and now joins the group of billionaires looking to do business with cryptocurrencies.

However since 2018 it has been commented that George Soros, whose net worth is $ 8 billion, was interested in investing in bitcoin through his fund manager, a space from which he operates with investments at the level. macro.

George Soros thus joins the group of big businessmen who support investments in cryptocurrencies, such as billionaires Mark Cuban or Elon Musk, who accept bitcoin and dogecoin as a means of payment in the operation of their businesses.