July 28, 2021

the boss of the TikTok application quits his post to “daydream” more

Saying that they do not have “the qualities required for an ideal leader”, Zhang Yiming wrote, in a letter to his employees, prefer to “go on the internet, read, listen to music and daydream”.

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Tic, toc, it’s time to take over. Video-sharing app TikTok co-founder Zhang Yiming will step down as chairman of Chinese internet giant ByteDance, the company said Thursday (May 20th). He will hand over to the other founder, Liang Rubo, until now head of human resources for the group.

At 38, Zhang Yiming is one of the richest men in China but he doesn’t see himself as the soul of a leader. “In reality, I do not have the qualities required for an ideal leader, he wrote to his employees. I am not very social, I prefer solitary activities like going on the internet, reading, listening to music and daydreaming. “

By leaving the presidency of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming does not cut ties with the group, which employs 60,000 people in 30 countries. He now hopes to have a “more objective vision of the company” and intends to think about his “long-term strategy”.

In the United States, the TikTok application has been suspected by the Trump administration of being a Chinese spy tool. It was banned in India last June in the name of national security. The tide is also turning in China: at the end of 2020, Beijing took over the internet sector to limit the influence of technological giants.

Other big names in tech seem to want to be forgotten. After criticizing financial regulators, Jack Ma, the founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba, is now very discreet. Colin Huang resigned last year from the presidency of Pinduoduo, a competing platform of Alibaba.