August 5, 2021

TurtleTree Labs, World’s First Company to Produce Milk from Cells, Secures Pre-Seed Funding

SINGAPORE, Jan. 20, 2020 / PRNewswire / – TurtleTree Labs, a Singapore-based biotechnology-based company to recreate the full nutritional content of milk today announced that it has completed its pre-seed funding negotiations.

Jointly founded by CEO Fengru Lin, Scientific Director Rabail Toor and Strategic Director Max Rye, TurtleTree Labs is the world’s first cell-based milk company that uses technology to create real milk from animal cells without the need for animals.

The breakthrough of TurtleTree is particularly significant; it will certainly allow the full functionality of dairy milk, but will also disrupt the existing infant formula sector.

The pre-seed negotiations were led by Lever VC, a venture capital fund specializing in substitute protein investments and included KBW Ventures and K2 Global.

“What TurtleTree is doing is fascinating and their technology could be a serious disruptor in the global dairy industry,” observed Nick Cooney, founder and managing partner at Lever VC. “It is the first company in the world to produce real whole milk from cell cultures – this paves the way for tailor-made, safer, healthier, and more affordable dairy products. provided with much less natural resources. “

“KBW Ventures’ interest in TurtleTree stems from both its team’s vision and the Company’s strategic approach to the future of food using stem cell culture technology. Having stayed with the founding team in Singapore for some time, we have confidence in TurtleTree’s progress as a biotech company, and in the direction it is taking as a business, ”commented Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, Founder and Managing Director of KBW Ventures.

TurtleTree has developed a unique proprietary technology, which uses breast cells to produce real, full milk in a clean facility for food production. The end product is the same as human breast milk and cow’s milk, and it will be sold as a food product.

“The seed funding will be used to expand the Company’s scientific team and create other prototypes. TurtleTree Labs has scheduled the spring public debut of the world’s first cultivated milk (and breast milk) products, ”Rye added.

Lin explained that it is now important to attract the right talent to the early stages of the Company in order to provide TurtleTree with the support it needs to accelerate rapidly and thereby contribute to the global change so precious to us. of the society. “We are confident that the entire landscape of traditional breast milk and bovine milk will be transformed by our technology,” she concluded.

“The next level of disruption will come from food technology companies delivering solutions for health and sustainability at the mass level. TT is filling an important void in the food chain at a critical time in history, ”noted Amanat Information, founder of K2 Global.