August 6, 2021

Xiaomi would prepare 4 smartphones with a photo sensor of… 108 Mpx!

It seems that the race for the number of millions of pixels is not about to end. After the 48 and 64 million pixel sensors, here comes the “only” photo sensor 108 million pixels! According to some rumors, Xiaomi is currently working on the development of four smartphones equipped with this new type of sensors.

Samsung Isocell bright HMX: the first mobile sensor of 108 million Mpx

Last July, we mentioned two new Samsung sensors, named Isocell Bright GW1 and Bright GM2, respectively counting 64 and 48 million pixels.

Smartphone: return to the Samsung Isocell Bright GW1 sensor and its 64 million pixels

However, the Korean manufacturer recently returned to the charge via a blog post and lifted the veil on l’ISOCELL Bright HMX – designed in partnership with Xiaomi – and counting no less than 108 million pixels.

This would be the first photo sensor for mobile devices to exceed the milestone of 100 million pixels, Sony has not (yet) unveiled a sensor of this size.

This new course also allows Samsung to offer the first mobile 1 / 1.33 inch sensor. By way of comparison, the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 have a main sensor of “only” 1 / 2.55 inch, while the main sensor of the Huawei P30 Pro measures 1 / 1.7 inch.

Like the two sensors previously unveiled, the pixel size of this new sensor is 0.8 micrometers.

“For the Isocell Bright HMX, Xiaomi and Samsung worked closely from design to production, resulting in this revolutionary 108MP sensor. We are very happy to be able to offer image resolutions on smartphones that were only available on certain SLR cameras, ”said Lin Bin, co-founder and president of Xiaomi.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+: the new giant smartphones from the Korean manufacturer

Tucana, Draco, Umi and Cmi, the four terminals from Xiaomi with a 108 Mpx back sensor

According to the specialized site XDA-Developers, four future smartphones from Xiaomi would embed this new sensor. They would be part of the Mi and Redmi ranges, and have the code name Tucana, Draco, Umi, et Cmi.

However, it is not 100% certain that these new models all capture images of 108 Mpx. Indeed, Samsung indicated to use the technique of pixel binning (called Tetracell technology by the Korean manufacturer) to produce images of 27 million pixels. The goal : generate more defined images and limit the loss of details when using the digital zoom.

According to the information provided by Samsung about its new sensor, the new models of Xiaomi could – to take in the conditional – be able to film in 6K at 30 fps.

In practice, however, the brand’s first model should not be the Mi Mix 4 – the latter to be announced soon by Xiaomi.

Samsung having announced last August its intention to launch “this month” the production of this new sensor, all that remains is to wait a few months to see the arrival the first terminals equipped with this sensor.

For its part, the Korean manufacturer Samsung has not yet lifted the veil on a hypothetical terminal capable of capturing images of 108 Mpx… which does not mean that she is not working on it.