July 31, 2021

Atlassian Acquires AgileCraft For $ 166 Million To Help Businesses Be More Agile

Yesterday, Atlassian announced the acquisition of AgileCraft, a service designed to help companies plan their strategic projects and workflows. This service provides business leaders with additional information on the current status of technical projects and gives them an idea of ​​the bottlenecks, risks and dependencies of these projects. This is because AgileCraft focuses less on the technical teams and more on the business teams that support them and help them manage the digital transformation of their businesses.

The total cost of the acquisition is approximately $ 166 million, of which $ 154 million was paid in cash and the remainder in restricted stock.

Many leaders still make crucial decisions using instinct and best guesswork instead of data, said Scott Farquhar, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian. As Atlassian tools spread throughout organizations, technology leaders need greater visibility into the work their teams are doing. With AgileCraft joining Atlassian, we believe we are the best company to help leaders align work across their organizations, providing a holistic view linking strategy, work and results.

As the name suggests, AgileCraft focuses on the Agile methodology, although it also offers some flexibility with support for frameworks like SAFe, LeSS, and Spotify. It supports data collection from tools such as Atlassian’s Jira, but also from Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server, IBM’s RTC, and other services.

A word from the founder of AgileCraft

Steve Elliott was quite enthusiastic. In a blog post, he reviewed the journey of the company that started operating in 2013: From the start, our goal was to link business and technology team strategy to execution with the goal of revolutionizing the way modern businesses learn and innovate. Our mission was to simplify large-scale software creation by making all jobs visible, aligning teams, and prioritizing jobs based on value. Corporate business is an important task, because most of the world’s great problems will be solved through technology, driven by software.

Regarding this new departure, he affirms that

Citation Sent by Steve Elliott

As we begin our next chapter, we couldn’t be more excited to be officially part of the Atlassian family. As an entrepreneur, watching Mike and Scott build one of the world’s largest software companies has been inspiring. It is with humility that we are now going to be part of this story. I am confident that with the power of Atlassian’s people, products and customers with us, we can more quickly meet our goal of building 1,000 agile businesses by 2023.

We put a lot into Atlassian early in our journey and are excited to be part of the Atlassian family of products. Atlassian now offers a complete transformative solution for businesses, with the tools they need to align their teams, drive results and win together. The combined capabilities of our offerings are unmatched in the market today. The junction of Jira Software, Trello, Jira Service Desk, and AgileCraft provides the foundation and building blocks of a business capable of running a modern digital business, giving Atlassian customers the choice and flexibility they need as they move on their agile journey.

Operation after acquisition

Atlassian will continue to operate AgileCraft, which had already raised approximately $ 10.1 million prior to acquisition as a stand-alone service. For his part, Steve Elliott, CEO and Founder of AgileCraft, says that We will continue to focus relentlessly on the success of our customers. We remain committed to the legacy of pioneering companies and are delighted to team up with the exceptional people at Atlassian to help our customers thrive.

Over the years, Atlassian has begun to engage with users and use use cases for its tools that go beyond core developer tools. Jira and Confluence are the main examples. Yesterday’s acquisition continues this trend in that AgileCraft wants to bring to the rest of society many of the methodologies used by technical teams.

One of the critical roles we play for many organizations is to contribute this type of digital transformation where we truly empower the teams that develop the kind of technology that enables our customers to move forward, said Atlassian President Jay Simons. AgileCraft fundamentally complements all of this by expanding visibility into what teams use Atlassian products to transform into key players and industry leaders trying to manage better visibility at the portfolio or program level.

Simons also pointed out that AgileCraft was already deeply integrated into existing Atlassian tools, which was, moreover, one of the main drivers of the acquisition. He noted that the company plans to improve them and think of additional models.

Simons also said he hopes many Jira customers will now see AgileCraft as an additional tool to help businesses manage their digital transformation.

Sources : AgileCraft, Associated Press

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