July 25, 2021

Google: the multi-faceted multinational

It is difficult today to use a search engine without clicking on the Google browser. Created by the duo Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the 90s, the now multinational firm is undisputed of our era. A real research tool and a loyal friend of users looking for information, the American company Google has nevertheless managed to find its way into various sectors of activity such as smartphones or connected objects. The telephony market is very tough, however, the company continues to enter it. How has Google been able to diversify its industry so much, what are the firm’s objectives? A file from MeilleurMobile.

Mountain View, CA/USA – May 21, 2018

Google is undoubtedly the search engine used by everyone today. It is indeed the most famous platform for entering various requests. If today it excels in several activities, the firm has nevertheless come a long way since its timid beginnings in 1995. And we could not get to the heart of this issue without a little recap of its history. The company was founded in 1995 through the ingenuity of two young American students: Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The latter met at the famous Stanford University. The educational store is located in the heart of Silicon Valley south of San Francisco. Very quickly the two students had the idea of ​​creating BackRub; their first search engine.

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BackRub has been integrated into Stanford University’s servers and allows for link analysis redirected to other sites. But that was not enough for our experts. Thus, the following year Sergey Brin and Larry Page decided to raise the level of their creation and rename it Google. It must be said that at the beginning, the firm struggled to strengthen the capacity of its machines. However, in 1998, the helping hand of a mysterious donor will propel the activities of the firm. Sun Micro Systems co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim is investing $ 100,000 in Google. In 1999, the company really started, it which had started in a garage, was forced to settle in Mountain View.

Google and renewal constant

From the start, Sergey Brin and Larry Page have implemented a strategy to diversify their platform. A platform which will have as its primary activity the search for information but which over time has greatly extended to other horizons by offering more services. A strategy that he has given us to see even better now. Certainly you have also seen it. Google is present in most areas related to technology, health and innovation. Thus, today the firm finds itself in the highly prized market of smartphones and other connected objects.

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A feat that we would never have thought of a few years ago but which testifies to the firm’s ability to diversify. From its search engine platform, Google began to take an interest in the mobile phone market. The officials of the firm knew that there was something to be done in the latter. Indeed in an era where the mobile has become an unlikely phenomenon, it is normal that everyone wants to join. Google has therefore found an opportunity within the latter. And it is in this spirit of diversity and omnipresence that the Californian firm has launched.

Google facing the market mobile telephony

It must be said that it was not easy for the company to squeeze into the smartphone sales market. So Google’s entry was not straightforward but was done gradually. Indeed, for a long time the firm was content to be a simple supplier of operating system. But very quickly, the spirit of conqueror that has accompanied him since his beginnings, led him to force the doors of the mobile telephony market. The objective of the firm has always been to impose its mark everywhere. Shortly after Google created its telephony and mobility division Google Mobile.

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The firm launched its Nexus range in 2010 with the Nexus One which was produced by HTC. This smartphone was designed by the American firm with the aim of showing manufacturers how to “make a good” Android phone. From there, the firm has continued to climb the ranks within the market, always offering smartphones at the cutting edge of technology. Thus, during the presentation of its famous Pixel, the company explicitly displayed its ambition to become a key player in the mobile world. If the beginnings were complicated for the Californian company, today it is indeed in the process of meeting a success. A success that is beginning to hamper the activities of some market giants like its competitor, Apple.

Google the new competitor ofApple ?

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Google and Apple have an unwavering weapon of war in the mobile market which happens to be their respective operating systems: Android and iOS. This device gives free access to their ecosystems of connected services and downloadable online applications. This is a competitive factor between the two big brands. Indeed, even if the two ecosystems present some different characteristics, there are also similar actors like certain applications. Speaking of applications, it is precisely at this level that the two firms fight the most in order to offer the best technological experience to their users.

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Google and Apple therefore offer us a frontal and merciless fight. However, Google Play surpasses the App Store in terms of the number of downloaded apps even though the App Store generates more revenue. Once again the two brands are neck and neck. Even in the field of Voice Assistant, both are using artificial intelligence (AI) to perfect their system. We know the special affection that Apple has towards AI, but Google does not budge either. So, thanks to artificial intelligence, the Californian company continues to improve its voice assistant. But again, stroke of genius, the firm takes advantage of the latter to decline a series of products connected to its Google Assistant.

The multinational in the connected objects market

Once again, the firm is diversifying its activities. As we now know, Google doesn’t just want to be seen as a search engine. It wants to be a multinational that has its mark in several sectors. And if there is another market that has particularly attracted the attention of the firm, it is that of connected objects. It is true that it is a universe in which the firm had some support, but it decided to do more. And this is how she embarked on the purchase of several firms specializing in connected objects.

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In an era where the technology market is booming, it is indeed advisable to have a long arm. But that, Google understood it well. Among its biggest acquisitions of 2019, we have that of one of the world leaders in connected objects specializing in fitness, Fitbit. Because Apple dominates the connected watch market, the Fitbit brand preferred to pass the torch to Google for the sum of $ 2.1 billion. We can see that in this market again, the two brands are competing. Google does not seem ready to be eaten by the apple brand, on the contrary. It continues to expand its field of activity and if some think that it is doing too much, this is not the opinion of the Californian company.

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Google has come a long way since its inception in 1995. Today, the company is omnipresent in all aspects of our daily lives. Indeed, we find the brand on computers, smartphones, but also within a vast array of devices and / or connected objects. Faced with this versatility, the brand tramples the band plant of many brands that see the Californian company, a real competitor. What is certain is that Google will continue to expand its business as long as the sectors are favorable to it. A story to follow.