July 28, 2021

Issad Rebrab, 7th African fortune with 4.8 billion dollars

The American magazine Forbes published its list of billionaires in the world in 2021. According to the magazine, the boss of the private group Cevital, Issad Rebrab, is the 589th richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of 4.8 billion dollars.

At the continental level, the boss of Cevital, aged 77, has fallen one place and becomes the 7th fortune in Africa. In last year’s ranking, Issad Rebrab held the sixth largest fortune in Africa.

According to Forbes, the 18 billionaires on the African continent have gone through the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the total fortune of the richest men in Africa increased by 12%, or $ 4.1 billion.

For the tenth year in a row, Nigerian Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa with an estimated fortune of $ 12.1 billion, up $ 2 billion from last year, thanks to to an increase of approximately 30% in the share price of Dangote Cement.

According to the same source, the second richest on the African continent is the Egyptian Nassef Sawiris whose main asset is a stake of nearly 6% in the sportswear manufacturer Adidas. The Egyptian’s fortune is valued at 8.4 billion dollars.

South African Nicky Oppenheimer is the third richest man in Africa with an estimated fortune of $ 8 billion. Nicky Oppenheimer is the former president of diamond mining company De Beers and its subsidiary Diamond Trading Company. He owns large shares of the British holding company Anglo-American.

In fourth place comes South African businessman Johann Peter Rupert, with a fortune valued at $ 7.2 billion. In fifth place, Nigerian businessman Mike Adenuga with $ 6.3 billion. The sixth richest man in Africa is Nigerian businessman and philanthropist Abdulsamad Rabiu with $ 5.5 billion.

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world

Regarding the richest men in the world, according to Forbes, the top 10 is occupied by: Amazon (USA) boss Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is estimated at 177 billion dollars, up 64 billion dollars .

He is followed by the boss of Tesla (USA), Elon Musk, with a fortune valued at 151 billion dollars; the French Bernard Arnault with 150 billion dollars, the founder of Microsoft (USA) Bill Gates (124 billion dollars); the boss of Facebook (USA), Mark Zuckerberg (97 billion dollars); the boss of the investment company Berkshire Hathaway (USA) Warren Buffet with 96 billion dollars; Software boss (USA) Larry Ellison ($ 93 billion); Google founder (USA) Larry Page ($ 91.5 billion); the other founder of Google (USA) Sergey Brin (89 billion dollars); Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani ($ 84.5 billion).

Despite the pandemic, the number of billionaires has skyrocketed

The US magazine noted that the total number of billionaires is 2,755 holding $ 13.1 trillion (over $ 13 trillion), compared to $ 8 trillion ($ 8 trillion) in the previous edition of the ranking in 2020. Women billionaires number 328, up from 241 last year, an increase of 36%. These women billionaires alone accumulate $ 570.7 billion.

According to the American magazine, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the list of billionaires has exploded. The list recorded a newcomer record with 493 new billionaires including 63 women, or about one new billionaires every 17 hours. 210 of these new billionaires are from China and Hong Kong, and 98 are from the United States.

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