August 1, 2021

It’s time to wake up from the ecological nightmare in which the gold mine project in Guyana plunges us

“It is Monsignor’s gold, the gold of waking up”

Yes, it is time, it is time to wake up from this ecological nightmare in which the mega gold mine project in Guyana plunges us and to which Emmanuel Macron has personally lent his support.

So let’s say loud and clear: a green mine is like Robert Desnos’ green mouse, it doesn’t exist! A mine necessarily destroys the nature that surrounds it, this is due to extraction techniques, destructive by nature.

The Geological and Mining Research Office (BRGM), which is the benchmark public establishment on the subject, recently declared: “There is currently no adequate alternative to the use of cyanide for gold mining”.

Guyanese are well aware of the ravages of cyanide. The forest of Guyana is already paying a high price for the extraction of gold by gangs of illegal gold miners. This is the responsibility of the French government, to ensure respect for the right of Guyanese to live in peace and in good health on their soil. The Golden Mountain, far from replacing the gold poachers, will only add damage to the damage.

However, the Guyanese forest is a treasure, a real one. The fruit of millions of years of evolution, it is home to an extraordinary diversity of life forms, which could even be destroyed before they are discovered. This natural wealth does not belong to us, we simply inherited it from those who before us took care of it. Our duty is to pass it on intact to the generations that will come after us.

This productivist delirium that is the Montagne d’Or therefore brings us back to the worst hours of the economy of destruction, the one that led to the catastrophic situation with which we are all confronted.

The heirs of this economic “anti-model” that is productivism see in everything a wealth to be exploited in order to transform it into money. Regardless of the damage done to them, the tens of thousands of tons of cyanide spilled, the hundreds of hectares of forest razed, the warming of the climate, the living species destroyed, the poisoning of people, only the mountains of profits that they can amass.

To whose appetites do we abandon the forest, vegetation, fauna and subsoils of Guyana? Who are these people who believe they have the right to destroy our environment for their own benefit?

Let’s name them:

Mountain of Gold is carried by two Russian and Canadian companies.

The first NordGold is the property of the oligarch, Alexey Mordashov, 93rd fortune in the world, protégé of Putin, the first Russian steelmaker and not particularly known for his environmentalist service.

Columbus Gold, meanwhile, is a young Canadian company full of ambition. It aims at the number one position of mining in Guyana. Montagne d’Or is only the first project in a long list. Well-versed in the art of lobbying, she took care to enlist the advice of senior French officials including a former chief of staff at the Ministry of Ecology who now puts his address book at the service of the destruction of living things.

The government’s decision to authorize the exploitation of the mountain of gold bears the imprint of “macronism” which so naturally marries the insatiable appetite of business circles for a lucrative business and a high civil service which has totally lost control. thread of the general interest.

Basically, the mountain of gold is emblematic of this predatory economy that some governments refuse to stop despite the irreversible threats that weigh heavily on biodiversity. Concretely, in Guyana, the French government is preparing to give the green light to the disappearance of nearly 150 species of plant and animal life.

To their appetite for destruction, let us oppose our desire to preserve what can still be preserved, here in Guyana, there at Notre-Dame des Landes, in Europa City against the pharaonic shopping center project on the last arable land around Paris, in short, wherever life should prosper, rather than their profits.

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