July 31, 2021

Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Elon Musk… Is there a “typical” billionaire face?

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Their resounding successes, their thunderous or more innocuous declarations, their colossal fortunes are regularly the headlines of the newspapers and the object of charts. Let us dwell for a moment on the faces of these iconic billionaires of whom we have said everything to “photograph” them. Forbes offers you a new angle by trying to answer the question of whether there are common morphological synergies between Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and others. Edifying dialogue with Maxence Brulard, leading international expert in morpho-psychology and behavioral studies. With all credit, honor, we open this series with the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos.

When Jeff Bezos appears in public, what do you observe about his non-verbal communication and what is his facial expression telling us?

Maxence Brulard : It gives the image a dandy hint of a personality ruled by empathy. At first glance, we are in a relationship of seduction, the costume of formidable businessman appears on second reading. Let us take a look at its “hidden” side: it reveals a whole other dimension. A rigorous cold and opportunistic methodism common to many political wolves or even scientists. The face of the richest man in the world – very mobile in its public communications – is not afraid to release multiple successive expressions without particularly seeking to precisely control the play of the muscles of his face. He indeed has the advantage of a face “without fat” which could hide them, although he sometimes enjoys, with complacency, to express what he feels. Both verbally and bodily through the animation of his 26 muscles revealing the expression of his feelings.
We have 26 muscles on the face to express our various emotions, feelings or thoughts. We typically activate between 16 and 17 muscles to smile, think, focus, scowl, disagree, or develop a potential threat. The great apes also have 17 so-called “skin” muscles. Scientists have qualified a specific intention or emotion for each muscle. Learning to decode them means ensuring a very good command of communication.
At Bezos, the dominant emotional intelligence is part of his morphology where the backbone and muscles of expression invite multiple passions. This does not mean the absence of intelligence, whose internal machinery can relay this intelligence. It is simply a behavioral dominant which largely explains its functioning: live to the full, experiment, provoke, stand out, think outside the box, open new perspectives, this is what pushes the founder of Amazon beyond conventional limits.

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How do you see it on a face?

M.B : There are two kinds of faces: faces that are more oriented on the profile like horses, antelopes or wolves dedicated to hunting with hounds, and faces more inclined on the face like tigers, lions or cats who hunt them on the prowl. From its commonly observed animal characteristics, expressions such as: “a conqueror’s profile”, “a low profile” or “to face”, “to lose face” were born. Europeans and Asians mark this constitutional difference with their faces, which will also demonstrate very different ways of managing life. Thus, Jeff Bezos’ powerful, convex and protruding nose, which determines the offensiveness of his temperament, behaves a bit like an icebreaker. Understand by this that difficulties will always stimulate him more than they will discourage him.

Maxence Brulard : We will have understood: the hidden side is the rational technical and sophisticated skill that will support the technical excellence of its strategies. These provisions will control the impulse risks of the apparent empathetic behavioral posture that he publicly delivers.

The famous “flair” of businessmen …

M.B : Indeed, the flair of businessmen is not an empty word! Emotional intelligence prevails, it always anticipates without being slowed down by laborious mental ruminations that would ruin the daring action to risk. The American does not wait, he works by successive impulses and does not get lost in tedious market studies … Moreover, when we look at him from the front, we see that the extraversion of the nose, eyes, and mouth seem to protrude from the fairly bony frame of the face which makes it hyper reactive to any observation capable of stimulating it. Regarding his smile, it is displayed like a business card: its density directs it to depend on the multiple sensations that existential life can bring to it. Appearance, the desire to enjoy as much as possible all that can be pleasant will move him away from any monastic temptation … Thus flourishes hedonism.

What’s also striking about Jeff Bezos is the dichotomy of his face. What does such an asymmetry reveal on the morpho-psychological level?

M.B : There is a very surprising hidden part revealing a paradoxical intelligence. If we separate the left side from the right side seen from the front, we discover a totally different structure to the point that if the whole face was built like the left or right side, we would then struggle to recognize the identity of Jeff Bezos. In detail, on the right: the protruding eye wide open, on the left recessed and more sunken; the tonic cheek on the right and depressive on the left; and even the jaw follows this fashion to the point that on the right it looks ten years older than on the left. Clearly, his paradoxical intelligence will be able to move from one behavior to another – almost opposite – without any qualms. This rupture of behavioral cohesion will destabilize many interlocutors waiting for a logic of conventional attitude, while often allowing them to get ahead of other people in the success of projects.
It will be understood: the hidden face is the rational technical and sophisticated skill which will support the technical excellence of its strategies. These provisions will control the impulse risks of the apparent empathetic behavioral posture that he publicly delivers.
The brilliant socialite passionate about innovations turns out just as much to be an intransigent tactical calculator and without great concession for the “talentless”, “more ordinary” personalities on whom however he bases his colossal fortune….

@ Maxence Brulard

Two words to sum up Jeff Bezos?

M.B : Passion and hedonism.

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