August 6, 2021

Oracle founder Larry Ellison donated $ 250,000 to pro-Lindsey Graham political action committee Hours before his company announced it had reached a deal with TikTok

In the United States, a Political Action Committee (PAC) is the name commonly used to refer, regardless of its size, to a private organization that collects money to influence elections or laws, particularly at the federal level.

The conditions that determine whether an organization is classified as a PAC are set by state law and federal law. For example, according to the Federal Election Campaign Act, an organization receives political committee status if it receives donations or if it spends more than $ 1,000 for the purpose of influencing a political party. federal election.

Donations to federal PACs are limited to $ 5,000 per person. For political action committees deemed independent of political parties and election candidates, the donation limits are abolished and they are called super PACs.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison donated $ 250,000 to a super PAC supporting the election campaign of Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican South Carolina) as his company moved closer to a coveted position as a US technology partner in South Carolina. TikTok.

Documents from the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC in French, commission lectorale fdrale – refers to an independent regulatory agency of the United States responsible for administering and enforcing the federal election financing law in that country) show that Ellison donates $ 250,000 to the super PAC Security is Strength on September 14th. The super PAC Security is Strength has purchased ads exclusively to support Graham’s political ambitions, including his 2015 presidential campaign and his current candidacy for the re-election of the US Snat.

This is an exceptionally large donation for Ellison, who also donated $ 5,200 to the Grahams Majority Fund in January. The timing of this larger donation is also remarkable, just hours after Oracle officially announced that it had been selected as TikTok’s technology partner for its US operations, ahead of Microsoft in an appeal process. High-level offers to back up the American activities of the popular video application.

TikTok has raised bipartisan concerns because of its owner, the Chinese company ByteDance. US officials feared the company would share user data with the Chinese government. TikTok has long had no claims.

Over the summer, President Donald Trump has had the application in his sights. In August, he ended up issuing two decrees targeting WeChat and TikTok, the objective of which was to force TikTok to cede its American activities or face shutdown in the United States. A TikTok download ban, announced by the Commerce Department in September, was halted late last month by a federal judge just hours before it went into effect.

As the US media have noted, Graham, who is currently in a stormy race for election, is said to have played a pivotal role in the deal. However, it is not clear whether he was specifically involved in guiding the selection of the right company to acquire a stake in the popular video app.

If TikTok is saved, you can thank me, the South Carolina Republican said in an interview with Vanity Fair in August. During the same interview, Graham said he personally called Trump to suggest that he find a US company to purchase the platform to alleviate the administration’s concerns about the app’s relationship with China. Let Microsoft or someone else buy it, put it in the hands of the Americans, and allow the platform to survive and thrive because a lot of people love it, Senator Graham Trump reportedly advised over the summer.

Following the announcement of the deal with Oracle, Trump said he had blessed the deal, although details of the deal have been confused since it was first announced last month. Following his announcement, Graham tweeted his support for the deal: President Trump’s grand decision to approve the sale of TikTok Oracle and Walmart. Ideal for American consumers who are protected from the Chinese Communist Party. He continued: Well done, Mr. President.

In a statement, TikTok said a bit more about how the new agreement addresses the president’s security concerns:

We are pleased that the proposal from TikTok, Oracle and Walmart will resolve US government security concerns and address issues regarding the future of TikTok in the United States.

As part of this agreement, Oracle will become the trusted technology provider responsible for hosting all US user data and securing associated IT systems to ensure US national security requirements are fully met. . We are currently working with Walmart on a business partnership. The two companies will participate in a financing round before the IPO of TikTok Global in which they will be able to take up to a 20% cumulative stake in the company. We will also maintain TikTok Global’s headquarters in the United States, while we will bring 25,000 jobs across the country.

Oracle CEO Safra Catz said in a press release on Saturday that Oracle would become a minority investor in TikTok Global and be TikTok’s secure cloud technology provider under the deal.

Oracle will rapidly deploy, scale and operate TikTok systems in Oracle Cloud, Catz said. We are 100 percent confident in our ability to provide a highly secure TikTok environment and ensure data privacy for US TikTok users and users around the world.

Sources : FEC, Vanity Fair

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