August 1, 2021

that hidden reference to Star Wars

Take a look back at that obscure Star Wars reference that you may have missed in Loki’s first episode!

A reference to Stormtroopers in Loki – Credit: Lucasfilm

Loki has aired on Disney + since June 9. With one episode per week, the series continues the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) started by WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the cinema, it is Black Widow which will launch this new stage and a new explosive extract unveiled. The opportunity for the connected universe owned by Disney to pursue its plans. But the entertainment giant has another popular franchise on the cards: Star Wars. A franchise that appeared in Loki with a subtle wink during the first episode of the series. An episode that also featured a well-known MCU character in the background! For those who missed the Star Wars easter egg, return to this reference.

An insult well known to Star Wars fans

Disney is having fun with its franchises, inviting Star Wars into the MCU universe. It is with a reference to the universe created by George Lucas that Loki illustrated himself. For those who missed it, we explain everything below!

While Loki is in the offices of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), Miss Universe argues with a Minuteman. The latter then treats it as ” Buckethead »In original version. An obscure insult to many, except Star Wars fans.
This is a reference and slight insult to designate the Stormtroopers. Empire soldiers, working for Palpatine, notorious for getting knocked out in packs. While this designation does not appear in movies, it does appear in other media. In a comic book, Han Solo once called Poe Dameron ” Buckethead ». A 2018 fan film is even called ” Bucketheads – A Star Wars Story ”, Quite popular in the community.

Minutemen and Stormtroopers, same fight!

star wars loki marvel disney+ mcu marvel cinematic universe série stormtroopers série
Loki loves to titillate Star Wars fans – Credit: Marvel Studios

Because like the Stormtroopers, the VAT Minutemen do all the dirty work. But let’s not see in this reference a possible connection between the MCU and Star Wars. A link that we would be tempted to make, the fourth phase giving pride of place to the multiverse.

It seems obvious that the entertainment giant wanted to give fans a little nod in its Disney + series. After all, Marvel fans generally enjoy Star Wars.

Source : CBR