July 31, 2021

The 11 billionaires under 40, according to Bloomberg

Posted on Dec 28, 2019 2017 at 20:08Updated 28 Dec. 2017 at 20:10

In November 2017, during a meeting with entrepreneurs and innovators in St Louis, United States.Jeff Roberson / AP / SIPA

1- Mark Zuckerberg, 33: $ 72.6 billion

The co-founder of Facebook (which is worth 513 billion on the stock market) is, at 33, the 5th richest man in the world. In one year, his fortune jumped 22.6 billion dollars… and represents more than 1.2 million times the median American income, and 0.39% of the GNP of the United States.

2 – Yang Huiyan, 36: $ 22.4 billion

Bloomberg’s 38th billionaire is also the richest woman in mainland China with $ 22.4 billion to her credit. His father, Yang Guoqiang, co-founder of Country Garden Holdings, a real estate conglomerate that owns many hotels across the country, bequeathed him 70% of the company’s shares before it went public.

Dustin Moscovitz, at the last Web Summit in Lisbon in early November 2017.PEDRO FIUZA/SIPA

3- Dustin Moskovitz, 33: $ 17 billion

Co-founder of Facebook in 2004, he is the second individual holder of shares in the social network. In 2008, he created his own company, Asana, a company whose main product is a web and mobile application allowing people to work in teams without sending each other emails. He is to date the 61st richest man in the world.

4 – Lukas Walton, 31: $ 16.8 billion

The only son of John T. Walton, himself heir to the founder of the American multinational Wal-mart, specializing in mass distribution, Lukas is the largest beneficiary of the paternal will. He received 4% of the shares of the family business, thus becoming the 68th fortune in the world. Her aunt Alice Walton, with her $ 45.6 billion, comes in 16th on the Bloomberg charts.

Alejandro Santo Domingo in New York, mid-December with his wife Lady Charlotte Wellesley.Roussel/BFA/Shutterstoc/SIPA

5 – Alejandro Santo Domingo, 40: $ 15.8 billion

The businessman and heir (76th in the Bloomberg ranking), manages the fortune of the richest family in Colombia. It owns shares in a Spanish real estate company and in several investment banks in Brazil and Chile… as well as shares in the Belgian brewing group AbInBev. The Santo Domingo are present on other fronts, for example controlling the media Caracol Television and investing in textiles and online sales.

6 – Hugh Grovesnor, 26: $ 12.9 billion

The 7th Duke of Westminster is also the youngest of billionaires, according to Bloomberg. The only boy of a sibling of 4, he inherits the title and the family fortune by virtue of the rule of male primogeniture. He also owns the real estate company Grosvenor group, whose assets are estimated at 13 billion dollars, placing him 100th fortune in the world. On another note, he is the godfather of young George, son of Kate and William.

Eduardo Saverin at the eighth annual CHINICT convention in China.Wikipedia Commons

7 – Eduardo Saverin, 35: $ 9.5 billion

The Brazilian and co-founder of Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, is 147th in the Bloomberg rankings. Relatively discreet, the businessman moved to Singapore where he is investing in Asian tech startups.

Garrett Camp en discussion.Shutterstock

8 – Garrett Camp, 37: $ 5.87 billion

The year was not so rosy for the co-founder of Uber Technologies. His fortune, ranked 304th in the world, has fallen by $ 785 million in 1 year (or 11.8% of its value). This leaves him in possession of “only” 5.87 billion dollars. After the revelations questioning the aggressive managerial practices of his partner Travis Kalanick, the latter left the company in June 2017. To date, the valuation of Uber, the world’s first “unicorn” valued at 68 billion euros by CBInsights.

9 – Scott Duncan, 33: $ 5.60 billion

With his three sisters, Scott Duncan (332nd) controls nearly a third of the natural gas and petroleum products transportation company Enterprise Products Partners, founded and bequeathed by his father Dan Duncan after his death in 2010.

Robert Pera at a press conference.Getty Images / Joe Murphy

10- Robert Pera, 39: $ 4.23 billion

The founder of the Californian company Ubiquiti, specializing in connected communication products such as routers, antennas, switches, etc. successfully launched his company in 2005. Since then, he has offered shares in the professional team of basketball, the Memphis Grizzlies. In 1 year, his income increased by 20.6%, making him the 473rd man on the charts.

11 – Thomas Kristiansen, 37: $ 4.21 billion

The vice-president of Lego, one of the world’s toy leaders, comes in 483rd place. Surprisingly, he is the only one of his siblings to have his place on the executive committee of the Danish company, founded by his grandfather Ole Kirk Christiansen. Lego produces over 60 billion parts per year and generated $ 5.6 billion in sales in 2016.