July 24, 2021

There are over 1,500 billionaires in the world – these are the 14 countries with the biggest fortunes on the planet

  • There are 1,542 billionaires in the world, according to a new UBS study.
  • Over 560 billionaires live in the United States – more than in any other country – and they control the most wealth.
  • If the current trend continues, the total fortunes of Asian billionaires could reverse that of American billionaires within four years.

The number of zeros in your bank account is a status symbol, and Americans have a right to brag about it.

According to a new study by the Swiss bank UBS, the United States has more billionaires than any country in the world.

But China and India are catching up with them. And quick.

Three-quarters of the new billionaires in 2016 are from China and India, according to UBS. These countries have 67 and 16 more billionaires respectively.

If the trend continues, it will take just four years for the total wealth of Asian billionaires to exceed that of Americans, according to UBS.

But for now, the United States has the largest concentration of billionaires in the world. A total of 563 US billionaires control $ 2.8 trillion, up from $ 2.4 trillion last year.

Here are the 14 countries with the most billionaires, and their number by country:

14. Singapore: 21 billionaires

Wee Cho Yaw is the majority shareholder and Chairman Emeritus of United Overseas Bank. He has an estimated fortune of $ 8 billion. REUTERS / Tim Chong (SINGAPORE)

13. Spain: 25 billionaires

Getty Images / Xurxo Lobato

12. Turkey: 29 billionaires

Monika Flueckiger/World Economic Forum/Wikimedia Commons

11. Japan: 33 billionaires

Vincent Yu / AP Images

10. Switzerland: 35 billionaires

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso / Getty Images

9. France: 39 billionaires

Bernard Arnault is the owner of the LVMH Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy group, the world’s largest luxury goods manufacturer, and has an estimated fortune of $ 56.2 billion. AP Photo / Michel Euler, Pool

8. Italy: 42 billionaires

REUTERS / Giorgio Perottino

7. United Kingdom: 55 billionaires

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

6. Hong Kong: 69 billionaires

Kin Cheung/AP

5. Russia: 96 billionaires

Maxim Shevetov/Reuters

4. India: 100 billionaires

Reuters/Amit Dave

3. Germany: 117 billionaires

AP Photo/Michael Probst

2. China: 318 billionaires

Reuters/Tyrone Siu

1. United States: 563 billionaires

Paul Morigi / Stringer / Getty Images

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