July 28, 2021

These friendships between stars broken for a matter of money

While celebrity friendships can be strong at times, money matters can shatter everything.

In these friendships between stars, there are some that are very well known, others a little less. Small return on complicated stories, and yet were perfect.

The Splendid troupe is a perfect example. It’s hard not to know blockbuster movies like the Bronzes or Santa Claus is garbage. However, when the success was present, Anemone will not have recovered all of the money that was due to him. Since then, the tea towel has been burning. Another example, Élie Semoun and Dieudonné. For Élie Semoun, Dieudonné only thought ofsilver and the most glaring example was one evening of a performance. When Dieudonné asked Élie Semoun how much he would like for his fee, he replied 10,000 francs. Élie Semoun will then discover that Dieudonné had negotiated the show for 100 000 francs.

Other examples of friendships broken by money

Another strong example of friendship between stars broken for a matter of money, Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. Basic, Facebook was created by these two people, before Mark Zuckerberg gave himself all the light, and the money. Eduardo Saverin had not appreciated this, especially at the sight of an email from Mark Zuckerberg, explaining how he had managed to drive away Eduardo Saverin from Facebook. Finally, the Yamakasi post a different story. While David Bell and Mûrie passed on their know-how to young people, they will have self-proclaimed Yamakasis and have not hesitated to accept the spotlight, unlike the creators of the discipline.

Article author: David Delair

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