July 28, 2021

Top 10 global real estate tycoons in 2019

Xu Jiayin, president of the Evergrande group, is among the list of the 10 most important real estate tycoons in 2019, according to the latest list pulbized by the Hurun Global Real Estate Rich List 2019.

Hurun Global publishes this ranking for the first time, which is a sub-list of the Hurun Global Rich List series, published on February 26th. The report includes 239 real estate billionaires around the world. Among them, China represents 58%, followed by the United States with 11% and the United Kingdom with 7%.

Real estate was the second largest source of wealth, accounting for 9.8% of Hurun Global’s 2019 wealth list, according to February data. Topping the list was the technology industry (media, telecommunications, telecommunications), which accounted for 12.3%.

Top 10 real estate tycoons
  1. The Chinese Xu Jiayin president of the Evergrande group, his fortune is estimated at 37 billion dollars.
  2. The Chinese Li Ka-shing, chairman of Cheung Kong Holdings, his fortune amounts to 29 billion euros.
  3. Chinese Lee Shau Kee, owner of Henderson Land Development, has a fortune of $ 27 billion.
  4. Chinese Yang Huiyan, daughter of Yang Guoqiang, founder of the Country Garden conglomerate. His fortune stands at 23 billion dollars
  5. Thai Tos Chirathivat, Managing Director of the Core Group and one of Thailand’s leading family business groups. He owns $ 19 billion
  6. The American Donald Bren, president and sole owner of Irvine Company, has 17 billion in fortune.
  7. Chinese Wang Jianlin, president and founder of Wanda Group, has a fortune of $ 17 billion.
  8. Britain’s Hugh Grosvenor, director of the Grosvenor Group, holds $ 17 billion.
  9. Hong Kong’s Henry Cheng Kar-shun, head of New World Development, has a fortune of $ 17 billion.
  10. Hong Kong resident Joseph Lau Luen Hung, chairman of Chinese Estates Holdings, has $ 16 billion,