July 25, 2021

Visit Richard Branson’s estate in the Caribbean, for rent this summer for $ 25,000 a night

Richard Branson, business mogul and founder of the Virgin Group, is opening his private estate on his second Caribbean island to the public for the first time.

Richard Branson in Australia in 2019. Getty images/Don Arnold/ WireImage

Richard Branson is worth $ 4.9 billion (€ 4.1 billion) and invests in airlines, luxury travel, space travel and telecommunications. He bought Moskito Island for $ 10 million (8.4 million euros) in 2007. This piece of British Virgin Islands (off Puerto Rico) land should not be confused with Necker Island, l another area of ​​the billionaire in the Caribbean. Charles Branson bought this islet of the same archipelago in 1978. It constitutes his luxury retreat, generally reserved exclusively for private groups.

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Moskito Island is a 50 hectare (125 acre) island in the British Virgin Islands. It is approximately 3.5 km from Necker Island.

An aerial view of Moskito Island. Virgin Ltd edition

In 2011, four years after purchasing Moskito Island, the Virgin boss began building roads and other infrastructure on the island, according to a spokesperson for the Virgin Limited edition group, the hotel luxury by Richard Branson.

In 2015, the tycoon had installed basic infrastructure and completed the construction of his private estate. He also sold nine other private plots to buyers to develop them into villas.

Today, the Branson Estate is one of ten privately owned properties on the island.

Richard Branson’s estate. Virgin Ltd edition

The Branson Estate is the first estate to open to the public for rentals, but some of its other estates will open later in 2021, the Virgin Limited Edition spokesperson said.

Reserving the entire Branson Estate costs $ 25,000 (21,000 euros) per night during the low season, between June 1 and September 30.

Virgin Limited Edition

In high season – January 6 to May 31, October 1 to November 20 and November 29 to December 21 – exclusive use of the domain starts at $ 33,000 (€ 27,000) per night. The domain is even more expensive during the holidays. During Thanksgiving (November 21-28), the price drops to $ 34,650 per night. And from December 22 to January 6, a one-night rental will cost you $ 36,600 (30,000 euros), or more than a quarter of a million dollars for a week’s stay.

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The Branson Estate comprises three villas: Headland House, Mangrove Villa and Beach Villa, with a total of 11 bedrooms for 22 guests.

Mangrove villa Virgin ltd edition

If a potential tenant does not wish to reserve the entire estate, it is possible to rent four rooms from $ 12,000 (10,000 euros) per night, with the option of reserving a room for $ 2,000 (1,680 euros) ) and an additional master suite for $ 3,000. The price of the night includes all meals and drinks (including alcohol), the service of a chef in the villa and access to the activities of Moskito Island.

Each of the three villas at the Branson Estate has its own swimming pool.

Beach villa Virgin ltd edition

The heart of the Branson Estate is the Headland House, which can accommodate up to six people in three bedrooms.

Headland House Dining Room Virgin Ltd

The villa includes an infinity pool with an outdoor seating area and a bar.

Virgin ltd edition

The master suite has direct access to the swimming pool and has a 180 degree view of the sea. Its occupants can also lounge on a private terrace and in an outdoor bathtub.

Virgin Ltd edition

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The Beach Villa can accommodate up to eight people in one master suite and three individual guest houses. It also has a large common area and a swimming pool.

Common areas of the Beach villa. Virgin Ltd edition

The Beach Villa’s master suite, nicknamed the Flamingo Nest Suite, offers access to a large terrace with a bed that overlooks the pool.

Virgin Ltd

The Mangrove Villa has a large living room opening onto the pool area and jacuzzi.

Mangrove villa Virgin Ltd

At the Mangrove Villa, all bedrooms are elevated and connected to the Headland House and Beach Villa by wooden walkways.

The Mangrove villa master suite. Virgin Ltd edition

Here is the open-air bar of the Branson estate and its vast terrace

Virgin Ltd edition

Guests at Richard Branson’s Estate have access to all of Moskito Island’s recreational facilities, including the Beach House, which has its own bar and dining pavilions.

A sunset over the Beach Villa. Virgin Ltd edition

Within the Beach Villa, guests can relax by the pool overlooking the sea, sipping a cocktail at the bar.

Guests can also request to dine poolside, or with their feet in the water.

Virgin Ltd

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The private beach is lined with palm trees and sun loungers.

Virgin Ltd edition

The leisure complex also includes tennis courts, a gym and a water sports center that offers rental of paddle boards, kayaks and snorkelling equipment.

Virgin Ltd edition

Contrary to its name, the island of Moskito (the island of the mosquito in French) does not have more pests than the other islands of the archipelago, according to the company of Richard Branson.

Virgin Ltd edition

To get to Moskito, guests can take a private flight to the nearest international airport. Tortola or Beef Island airports are a 35-minute flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and an hour and 20-minute flight from Antigua and Barbuda.

The nearest airport to Moskito Island is a 35-minute flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Virgin Ltd edition

Guests then take a private shuttle boat to Moskito Island, which is provided by Virgin Limited Edition and included in the rental package. Before booking the Branson Estate, guests should of course familiarize themselves with the strict health restrictions of the British Virgin Islands. To do this, they must provide a PCR test of less than five days, undergo a new test on arrival and a final test on the fourth day of their stay.

After passing a test at the airport, passengers must self-isolate at their property for 24 hours before being allowed access to public areas. After four days of quarantine in their accommodation on Moskito Island, clients are allowed to travel to other areas of the archipelago. The British Virgin Islands have only reported 154 cases of COVID-19 and one death since the start of the pandemic.

The demand for rental of private property has soared during the pandemic, especially in the Caribbean. Richard Branson therefore chose an opportune moment to open his domain to the public.

Concierge auctions

The New York Times revealed in October that island brokers were drowning in requests from clients to seek shelter from Covid-19. Other people are looking to rent properties on private islands. Dylan Eckardt, an employee of the brokerage firm Nest Seekers International, told the newspaper he often hears clients say, “Money is okay, put my family where they won’t get sick. “

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